6 Weeks Tornado Transformation

6 Weeks Tornado Transformation

Morris County NJ Body Transformation 6 Weeks System.

Our 6 Week System will give you all the tools to change your body and lifestyle. Producing a new you, while making sure, each week you learn our 6 week transformation plan and stay with it. Through the tools we have, which make this process successful for almost 20 years. Here is what you will learn each week step by step:

Week 1-Water loss and detox techniques. All you need to know of herbs, plants, foods that will help you lose water weight as well as detox your body. Proper water hydration and diuretic foods to lose excess of water, and decrease excess of sodium in you body. Exercise for conditioning.

Week 2: Portion Control Techniques. Here we’ll learn what foods will keep you full and satisfied. You will learn our “nutrition timing system” to stay on track with your meals as well as your weight loss throughout the day. Will learn, what’s the thermic effect of food’. In your system, which is a huge indicator of what foods to eat, for  each stage of the day. Exercise for water loss.

Week 3:  Hormonal Reset Techniques. Here I will prescribe foods that will regulate your hormones, as well as ignite your metabolism quickly to starting the weight loss process. EXERCISE FOR INCH LOSS. USING OUR PATENT DEVICE THE TORNADO BLAZER WHEELER.

Week 4: Gluten And Dairy Free Diet. An in dept look of why a gluten and dairy free diet will help you lose weight while reducing inflammation and bloating issues. Exercise to DETOX. CORE STRENGTHENING TECHNIQUES USING OUR TORNADO BLAZER WHEELER.

Week 5 : The Tornado enzyme diet’. This week you will learn how the proliferation of enzymes, via food consumption  can help you weight loss goals, digestion and secretion of other weight loss hormones.  Exercise to tone and elevate your metabolism throughout the day.

Week 6:  the Tornado system’  20/30/20 formula! 20% protein, 30% fiber, 20% essential fats. When you ready to execute this formula, you are ready to soar!. This will take your weight loss to the next level. We teach you which foods are the most rich in PFF’ or (Protein, Fiber, Fats ) where to consume these foods, what time of the day, etc. Exercise fr total conditioning and fat loss.


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