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Jose Fuentes.


  • Lecturer, Public Speaker, Diver, Acupuncturist, MasterTrainer
  • Certified Strength Conditioning Specialist, Sports Nutritionist, Holistic Nutritionist,
  • Vegan, Herbalist, Aromatherapist, sports
  • Performance researcher, Martial Artist, Inventor.
  • A prolific researcher and writer.

Jose Fuentes began his journey teaching kids Northern Style kung fu in Mexico City at the young age of 10; he already had a black belt. His personal training career took off at the age of 16 at a local gym in Veracruz, Mexico. He recalls, “During the years that I worked at several small health clubs, I instructed members on how to use the equipment. As my career progressed, I moved on to the larger health clubs/gyms. As an incentive, I conducted various contests for members. One of the contests consisted of monitoring and measuring the members’ progress during specific exercise routines (bench press, squats, push- ups, etc.). The prize was a free month of personal training. This prize was quite impressive since most people in Mexico could not afford a personal trainer. As a personal trainer, I found it most gratifying to see my clients do so well”.

Among Jose’s numerous abilities and expertise is his ability to target muscle groups. He uses all the modern techniques for maximum muscle fiber recruitment. By listening carefully to his clients, he applies the technique that best matches their needs and achieves their goals. He teaches isokinetic and isotonic exercise, strength training, hypertrophy stimulation, isometrics and plyometric techniques. He is quite knowledgeable and does body fat analysis, stretching and manipulating agonistic and antagonistic muscles.

Among his many credentials, Jose recently earned his MasterCertification from The International Federation of Personal Trainers Association. He has recently graduated as a low back disorder Certified practitioner and as a Body Ecologist. Jose continues to expand his knowledge and enhance his skills in advance sports nutrition, weight management and alternative herbal medicine. As an athlete and competitor, Jose swims every day for at least 3 miles all styles. He has also been a National competitor in body building. He competed in the prestigious Natural Eastern Classic Body Building Contest and the Natural Forever Amateur Body Building Association Event. He was also The Natural Grand Spoken Person for the Experimental and Applied Sciences in Supplements Company. He has also competed in basketball, long-distance running and martial arts in which he holds 3 black belts in Aikijujutsu and Northern Shaolin kung fu. Jose is an avid student of Taoism and Mysticism; in which he has attended various seminars and read hundreds of books. In his leisure time, Jose enjoys reading a wide spectrum of topics; some of his favorites are Roman and Greek history along with Holistic Medicine and other related topics. He is also a health and nutrition writer on the internet, health newsletters and several national magazines such as “Men’s Exercise” and “Best Body”. Jose is happily married to Claudia; they live in Parsippany NJ and have two lovely boxers named Deanna and Bam-Bam. Additionally, Jose is an advance certified scuba diver; he enjoys exploring the oceans in which he has gone 100 feet deep! Jose is one of the most sought after public speakers specializing in health and fitness. He relishes being invited to give speeches by corporations and other health enthusiastic groups.

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