NEW!! Aquatic Weight loss

Aquatic Weight loss  In  Parsippany NJ

No, I am not talking about the kind of program where you go and do laps. Aquatic weight loss in Parsippany NJ.  It’s  a new program IN OUR COVER HEATED POOL, that integrates a full body work out that moves your body through functional ranges that build core strength against multi-directional resistance, while minimizing joint stress, and reducing risk of injury, in a comfortable environment that will keep you healthy while losing unwanted fat!. Our new Aqua weight loss system has been added to the tornado family of successful programs, to help you achieve your weight loss and fitness goals faster that ever before.!

Pool Exercises for weight loss in Parsippany NJ:

The properties of water provide a unique environment for people of all abilities to get a better work out in less time. Pool exercises for weight loss in Parsippany NJ. Include  buoyancy, multidirectional resistance (hydrostatic pressure ) higher resistance via viscocity, and enhance cooling. We also add aquatic equipment to strengthen your body and increase metabolic pathways for weight loss. Water lends itself to a well balance work out, that improves all major components for physical fitness, aerobic endurance, muscular strength and weight loss. Pool exercises for weight loss in Parsippany NJ. Will also help you increase flexibility, posture and improve body composition. Will also help you improve, stability, mobility and balance, which are critical for day to day successful living. Here you can learn more about the benefits of   Aqua fitness for weight loss, anti-aging  and joint pain.

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