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Morris county nj best weight loss expert for men!

Morris County NJ Weight Loss Expert For Men!

Men’s hormones are involved in most physiological processes, so their actions are relevant to many aspects of exercise, weight loss and sports performance. As a ‘Morris County NJ Weight Loss Expert For Men. I hear year after year, form male clients, same question: Can I lose weight with dieting only?. The answer is yes, but exercising plays and important roll in hormone secretion cycles, and like females, men can be very unaware of slow hormone production, due to sedentary practices, and chronic obesity factors. Hormones can be classified as either steroid or non steroid. Steroid hormones are lipid soluble, and most are formed from cholesterol. Non steroid hormones are formed from proteins, peptides or amino acids.

Non Steroid Hormones And Weight Loss

Because non steroid hormones cannot cross the cell membrane in our bodies, they react with specific receptors outside the cell, on the cell membrane, our bodies will produce an enzyme called adenylate cyclase. This enzyme catalyzes the formation of an energy system called cyclic adenosine monophosphate. This messanger produce specific physiological responses , which can include:

  • activation of cellular enzymes
  • promotion of protein synthesis
  • augments your body’s metabolism
  • Stimulation of cellular secretion.

Steroid Hormones

As mentioned earlier, steroids hormones are lipid soluble, and thus, pass easily through the cell membrane. Once inside the cell, a steroid hormone binds to its specific receptors. The hormone receptor complex then enters the nucleus , binds to art of the cell DNA, and activates certain genes. This process is referred to as direct gene activation. And although all this magically happens in your body, these hormones when prolong and stimulated can promote weight loss and muscle mass.

Weight Loss Hormones

There is 4 hormones we will look at; they happen to be major hormones for men’s weight loss and muscle mass. When these hormones are well used, they can help any man lose body fat and gained muscle. Let’s discuss them in detail:

Human Growth Hormone

Human Growth hormone (HGH) is an anabolic peptide hormone secreted by the anterior pituitary gland that stimulates cellular growth. My favorite male hormone for mass and body fat reduction. It’ll increase mobilization of fats, and uses fats as an energy source, promotes protein synthesis, decreases rate of carbohydrates. Through exercise, this can be easily stimulated using compound movements that help you achieve strength and cardiovascular benefits. Such as: dead lifts, clean and jerk, power cleans, and exercises using two body parts at a time. Such as: lunges and bicep curls or leg extensions with shoulder presses. Growth hormone decreases with age. And for that reason, men must be absolutely sure they can get this hormone boosted through exercise and nutritional practices. The body produces HGH DURING SLEEP SO GOOD SLEEP IS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARILY FOR THE PRODUCTION OF HGH!


Testosterone is produced in the testicles and it is responsible for muscle protein synthesis, and the repair of muscle proteins, damage by exercise. Also plays a significant role in helping grow skeletal muscle. Testosterone works with specific receptor sights and is produced in response to exercise that damages muscle proteins. Therefore, strength trained days for my clients are vital for this hormone to get activated. Medium to heavy weights are given to them for a total of 8 to 12 reps per day. Remember your testosterone levels will be produced in response to exercise damage. So you have to get that tissue overloaded, with; bench presses, arm curls, squats, and others in order to boost your testosterone levels!


Stimulates breakdown of glycogen (SUGARS) in liver and muscle, and lipolysis in adipose tissue (FAT) and muscle, increases skeletal muscle blood flow, increases heart rate and contractility, increases oxygen consumption. The only one thing I recommend to get this hormone boosted in one simple word is: SWIMMING.


Mineral corticoid, produced by the adrenal cortex, regulates renal reabsorption of sodium (Na+) and secretion of potasium ( K+). It’s function is to filter sodium back into the blood and stimulates potasium to secrete unwanted sodium.Since sodium is reabsorb through a tube link to the kidney called distal convouleted tubule +cordical collecting duct. There is an increase secretion of potasium into filtrate. Your water intake must be high, and cardio stimulating exercise must be done, in order to stimulate sweat so the body can assist the Aldosterone hormone in releasing unwanted sodium. Water retention is a big problem for men, thus, getting this hormone in optimal shape is crucial for the sodium/potasium levels to work optimally, so water retention through excess of sodium can be expel quickly for health and weight loss reasons.

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The Art Of Recovery

Morris County NJ Best Athletic Performance Coach:

Morris County NJ Best Athletic Performance Coach:

Short or non rest periods, for athletes and fitness enthusiasts, during off seasonal cycles, or during pre-season, have been a common practice these days. Lack of rest, and sleep can deteriorate any athlete’s progress. As well as poor nutrition practices. Although the traditional view of energy, and nutrient delivery is to provide recommendations in units of 24 hours. Notwithstanding these general guidelines are good for some people, they are not particularly useful for athletes, and hard core fitness enthusiasts, whose goal is to optimize fuel delivery (food and fluids) for optimal performance. Training programs, must be complement it with recovery guidelines, to match the dynamics of energy and fuel intake along with the dynamics of energy and fuel usage. The demands on the connective tissue loads, glycogen depletion and protein requirements, are significantly high, and can take a toll out of any athlete if not planned effectively. Plus the risks of getting sick and injured are always a factor amidst athletes who think more is better


Nutrient timing must be key. Such as carbohydrate ingestion before exercise. A high carbohydrate meal that is completed approximately 90 minutes before physical activity has been shown to improve endurance performance. After this pre exercise meal, athletes should consume carbohydrate right up to the beginning of the training session or competition to avoid low blood glucose. Two strategies can be followed:

1-Ingest a carbohydrate-containing a sports beverage using a sipping strategy where approximately 2 to 4 ounces (60 to 120 ml) of beverage is consumed every 10 to 15 minutes.

2-Snack on low fiber starchy foods (such as salty crackers) every 15 minutes, washed down with ample qualities of water.

Hypoglycemia risks

Athletes should avoid eating patterns that could stimulate a reactive hypoglycemia, which is caused by ingestion of large quantities of foods, with a high glycemic index, but also avoid the hypoglycemia that could occur from consuming no carbohydrate or from delayed eating. Snacking and sipping procedures appear to be well tolerated, and help maintain blood glucose.

Post work out drinks

Perfect your post work out protein practices. Immediately after your work out, use at least 20 grams of your favorite protein drink. I recommend to my athletes the tornado whey, since it contains enzymes, and over 35 grams of pure iso whey. Also your electrolytes must be high. A pre work out post work out drink is recommended preferably something with amino-acids. We think about our athletes and non athletes, for that reason the tornado vyplex is our choice.

Optimal hydration practices

You must be drinking above 12 glasses of water per day. Infuse your water with cilantro and parsley. Cilantro can help you remove heavy metals, supports heart health, and improves cardiovascular health. Whereas Parsley, will help your digestive tract, and beat inflammation. The tornado green lean protein will have everything you need and can be taken twice a day, with all the greens you need, and you can just mix it with water. Finally drink coconut water at least 16 ounces a day. This will: Balnce your blood sugar, improves recovery and circulation. Plus is the best way to keep your energy supplies going. Drink it during your training and few hours after.

Zero Alcohol

In a recent article I wrote on the making of a 40 year old thlete. I emphasize the importance of cutting off alcohol of an athlete’s diet. Iit applies to young and veteran athletes. It affects your liver, deteriorates red blood cells, essential for cardiovascular health, affects your digestion, affects muscle recovery, and dehydrates the athlete. So if you hate cramps, muscle pulls and strains. Stay way from alcohol. Period.

Sleep A lot!

Sleep quality before and after exercise is crucial. Researches suspect that it is deep sleep that helps improve athletic performance, because this is the time when growth hormone is released. GH stimulates muscle growth and repair, bone building and fat building. In a recent interview to veteran and world’s best soccer player Christiano Ronaldo, was asked what was the key for him to stay performing at a top level at 34 years of age. He responded: I sleep12 hours a day every day. Don’t touch alcohol and drink plenty of water.

Eat Plenty Of Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits are rich sources of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Fruits can help ensure strong immune function, cardiovascular health and brain function, increase athletic performance and keep your vitamin C levels high. Oranges, lemons and grapefruits are my favorite choice for my athletes!. They help reduce inflammation, and help their body absorb iron from plant based foods. Particular essential for female athletes because they are prone to iron deficiencies. Oranges also provide plenty amount of carbohydrates and water, they can lower the athlete’s risk of fatigue and dehydration after their training.

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3 Proven Exercise Methods For Type 2 Diabetes !

Morris County NJ Exercise for diabetes

Morris County NJ Exercise Programs For Diabetes

Idleness is a sin, but it is worst when known you have a condition that requires a lifestyle’ change. Patients these days are afraid of their Doctors wrath, when refused to exercise. Anyone with a high glucose condition, should look for ways to use sugars as a main (energy) source when exercising. Our Morris county NJ exercise programs for diabetes, have plenty of variety for glucose usage. Exercise is becoming the miracle cure for many who had type 2 diabetes. Programs completed on clients who had this condition, and successfully reduced their sugar levels, made our routines the most sought after, methods in Morris County NJ for diabetes.

The diabetic client

Diabetic individuals, know that it is one million times more challenging exercising with diabetes, particularly if they take insulin. Popping pills in the middle of the day, or mornings, when walking, doing yoga, or meeting with your trainer is difficult, but it can be done. After training many individuals with this condition, I found that night time is the best time to exercise, physical activity will not thwart your body from results by any means. But night time is my choice for clients who suffer from type 2 diabetes. A poignant fact, is that most people with this condition doesn’t have energy or desire to work out. But when they start at least 3 days a week at night times, they see a change in their sugars!

Three reasons why should exercise at night if you have type 2 diabetes

  • Insulin spikes at night time. Your body’s temperature has dropped and no longer relies on fats and proteins as a main source of energy. You need to burn something, and that something is called ‘sugars. Insulin allows your cells to take in blood sugars for energy or storage, depending of what is needed at a time. Nights are perfect time to get those sugars burned out!.
  • Your appetite increases at night time, Your body suffers a shift in hormones. Those that regulate your moods and sugars. When exercised at night, you are balancing hormones, such as; serotonin, dopamine, insulin, and others that can increase appetite. If feel depressed, with low energy at night, is a sign that your serotonin/dopamine levels have kicked in. Exercise at night can help you control serotonin shifts, and lower your dopamine levels to feel better, as well as to controlling your appetite by regulating them.
  • Leptin resistance. Leptin is called a satiety hormone. It is basically the hormonal that signals when your body is full and you should stop eating. Obese people become leptin resistant, then, their bodies can’t determine when they are fulled. Thus, an excess of appetite, is the result. One cause of high leptin levels is elevated insulin. Your leptin levels can be controlled by exercising at night time so you can rest better after your work out. Studies show that insufficient sleep lead to high insulin and leptin levels.


1- Swimming will always be at the top of my list. It is a great aerobic work out that utilizes A MAJOR AMOUNT OF GLYCOGEN (GLUCOSE) for energy purposes. You can deplete your sugars easily when swimming for 30 minutes. The buoyancy, minimizes the stress on the joints and feet, which is a major issue in some individuals with type 2 diabetes.

2-Weight training. It promotes muscle mass by using insulin more effectively. The American diabetes association states: the ability of your muscles to store glucose increases with your strength, making your body better able to regulate its blood sugar levels. Splitting routines in segments such as: biceps, and triceps, one day, back and shoulders, chest and legs, on day two, etc. It’s not optimal when exercising for diabetes. You should be working out your entire body on the day you doing your weight training routine. Contract every muscle nerve by using all muscles in one work out, let your body use your glycogen as a main source of energy by doing back to back exercises or what is called circuit training routines.

3-Cardiovascular activity. Study after study has shown that cardiovascular exercise can be especially good for diabetes. This activity can help you burn glucose in the body and decrease resistance to insulin, two effects that are good for diabetes control!. Walking, jogging, elliptical training, biking or hiking are good activities, 20 or 30 minutes of these activities is suggested, depends on your level of endurance and stamina. As always check with your Doctor before.


Trying these activities, one per day, for a total of 3 days will increased your fitness, decrease body fat, augment muscle mass, and most importantly reduce insulin resistance. For a thorough evaluation, and to learn more about our programs for Type 1 and 2 diabetes, fill out forms below.

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Keto Diet The Ugly Truth

Morris County NJ Nutritionist debunks keto diet

Morris County NJ Nutritionist Debunks The Keto Diet!

Many Doctors have infatuated with diets, that other Doctors have created, christen them with new names, of diet programs that are the same, and have been around for decades. Then they claim them as their own creation. Kind of like: I built a class like zumba and I call it rumba. Then claim is a new aerobic class modality. Isn’t it ludicrous?. And the more pungent it is, the more lasting in the memories of people. Morris County NJ Nutritionist Debunks The Keto Diet: Keto diet is nothing but a vile copy of the Atkins diet. Like Atkins diet, the main component of the Keto diet, is the fact that fats and proteins only are consumed, so that the liver produces ketons, “water soluble molecules. The keto diet promotes an intake of foods low in carbs, and high in fats, eating foods that contain high levels of carbohydrates causes your body to produce both glucose an insulin. The problem here is that; of all the different molecules that your body produces, glucose is by far the easiest to convert and be turned into energy. For this reason your body chooses it over other energy sources. So right off the bat, these low carb diets never last, never make sense, and can never become a lifestyle.

Is The Keto Diet Healthy?

I will outline five reasons why you should stay away from the keto diet. If your goal is permanent weight loss. On part two of these series, I will also give you 5 diets that will work better than keto, without causing side effects like these diets do. On part two, I will go over, diet plans that are my top favorites, and have used them for 20 years on individuals that simply love to eat healthy and still have fun once and a while by going out cheating, and feel good abut it. People call this process a”diet”. I call it “a lifestyle”.

1-Lack of energy and lethargy

  • The reason for this is that your body has been relying on the process of carbohydrate breakdown for so long. And it has prepared itself to continue to do so. Therefore, your body has stored enzymes that are prepared to help in this process. The problem is that when limiting carbs, your body doesn’t know how to deal with the build up of these enzymes. Your body will also be forced to produce new enzymes to process fats.
  • Another results, is lower levels of glycogen in the muscles, which is to blamed for the aforementioned loss of energy and lethargy.


  • The amount of fats, the keto diet promotes and lack of fiber that is in it, causes people lots of constipation.
  • A healthy nutritional plan, primary objective should be the creation of a healthy ecosystem in the gut. Such as reducing the amount of sodium and augmenting the amount of water in the digestive track. Keeping food moving along the digestive track, should be a priority of any diet plan. The Keto diet careless abut this practice!.

3-Reducing physical performance

  • Your body needs fuel to burn fat. Performance carbs are necessary at any given point. Quinoa, apples, oranges, oatmeal, etc. You are going to the gym to burn fat, so why you keep on eating fat?.
  • Although healthy fats are essential, keto diet, promotes bacon and many animal fats no necessarily healthy for your liver. An unhealthy liver can cause fatigue and other health problems.

4-Increase Cholesterol levels

  • Keto diet increases Cholesterol. Again; although Keto diet promotes good fats, doesn’t really outline the elimination of bad fats. Which is a huge concern for anyone with high cholesterol and triglycerides.
  • Low carbohydrate diets will always increase your cholesterol levels. Is a good rule of thumb to check with your physician before you start this diet, if you suffer from high cholesterol and triglycerides.

5-Keto diet can produce gallstones

  • It is well known that any diet high in fats, can produce gallstones. Bile is stored in the gallbladder and manufactured in the liver. Bile emulsifies fats, which normally sticks out in one clump because it is hydrophobic.
  • The bile can break the fat into small micelles that are like a little cells. When you give your gallbladder excess of fats, how do you think your gallbladder will become?. YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT: unbalance.
  • Excess of fats deteriorate your bile, and give you gallstones.


Armed with this information, pick a diet that will match your health’s needs, a nutritional program that promotes progress, and long term health!. Consult with your physician before you start any diet, and fill out the form below, if you like to get a consultation for nutritional counseling with one of our experts.

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