5 Important Reasons Why Your Kids Should Learn To Swim!

Morris County NJ Top Swim Academy For Children!

Morris County NJ Top Swim Academy For Children!

Morris County NJ Top Swim Academy For Children!. We believe: safety, physical health, mental focus, Coordination, and emotional health, are the top reasons why you should make sure your child learns how to swim. A big mistake is not making sure your child is practicing swimming skills after learned. Many parents make this mistake, which discourage children to exercise in the water again.Morris County NJ best swim school for kids. Encourages parents and kids to not just learn how to swim but practice constantly. Take your kids to an indoor pool in the colder months to promote an active lifestyle all year around. Swimming will give your child a more effective workout that other activities. Lets discuss the 5 reasons why your kid should learn to swim.


According to kidshealth.org drowning is one of the top causes of death in children younger than 12 years old. When your child learned to swim, he will reduce the risk f an emergency, if he is expose to a situation where he is unguarded at a pool or deep ocean. They can also help other children in case they feel nervous in a pool or deep ocean, or simply going through an emergency where no one else can help them. As your child gets more experience and keeps practicing his swimming skills, he will become safer, and more confident child!.

Physical Health:

According to the journal of cardiovascular medicine. Swimming is an excellent exercise that promotes heart and lung health. Improves strength and flexibility, increases stamina and improves posture!.Furthermore, swimming can help prevent childhood obesity. Which has been linked to diabetes on children. Children also apprecciate the low impact effect on swimming since puts less strenght on joints and connective tissues.

Mental Focus:

According to the American Journal Of Neurology swimming can help those with ADHD, it can also help focus, attention and cognitive function. Swimming stimulates the brain to release neurochemicals, that will make your child feel good and relaxed.


Your child wil soon move better, become more balance, and will easily learn other land sports. Because swimming requires a great deal of coordination, your child’s motor learning skills will increase dramatically. I have the opportunity to teach children who after learning how to swim, take up on one, two or even three sports with no problems whatsoever.

Emotional Health:

Swimming also stimulates neurotransmitters that help your child stay in shape emotionally. The buoyancy of the water will induce them to stay longer in the water, feel relaxed and more rested afterwards. And as explained, swimming helps combat depression and improve brain retention. Also studies have proven, that children who swim regularly, have better relationships, listen more and become more sociable.


Now that you have learned the 5 reasons why your children should learn to swim, is up to you to take the next step. You will create a better environment for your child at home while improved their social life.

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Pool exercises and their weight loss benefits!

Morris County NJ Best Aquatic Weight Loss Classes!

Morris County NJ Best Aquatic Weight Loss Classes!

Morris County NJ Best Aquatic Weight Loss Classes!. Are in full swing. Meeting with a new client ‘I call GINA, who was narrating her experience with injuries and inactivity since last time she got hurt. She reckoned activities like: hiking, biking, played tennis, and others. However, one day her knees gave up and was the end of a great fitness journey. Have you related to this story yet?. I asked her: ‘have you ever tried pool exercises?, she said yes ‘I used to swim and my shoulder hurt me, so I stopped that too. Nah, I said; no that. AQUATIC FITNESS? SHE SAID, NEVER DID THAT. So let’s face it. Our back, feet, shoulders, and knees can’t put up with this unintentional abuse physical lifestyle for long. Sadly but true, many of you, who relate to Gina’s story have gained lots of weight and strength training after having an active lifestyle. Aerobic classes are out of the question. Cardio machines don’t work for some of you, because the amount of time you need to be sitting or standing. So I have an alternative for you that worked on Gina: water work outs!.

Weight Loss With Water Exercises

Because it takes more muscle energy to push your body through water than through air, walking in high deep water with a flotation device, can give you more than double the work load of walking on land. Your energy utilization system works harder. You can burn more calories by water walking than land. Without getting hot and without the risk of injury. For variety and overall weight loss results. Walk forward side ways and backwards. With short steps, long steps, average steps. These movement variations and changes of direction can prevent muscle overuse injury, improve your weigh loss and fitness as well, and best part is: without injuries!.

Tone Your Body Through Water Resistance

As an exercise environment, water is more dense than air. Therefore, by harnessing the resistive power of water, you can improve your conditioning and enhance toning results. Pushing and pulling your limbs through water, approximates the use of muscle power, required for weight training. Without the discomfort. When you use the proper equipment for water resistance. Water workouts can produce results, comparable to those achieve in land-based weight training programs, designed for weight loss and toned.

Aqua Weight Loss Routines are mixed with Fun, safety and comfort

Water invigorates you. Splashing around in the swimming pool is playful. Everything becomes more pleasant, interesting, comfortable and a lot more fun. If you prefer comfort over stain, the current effects and supporting buoyancy makes exercises and stretches feel deceptively easy. Yet fitness devotees appreciate the high resistance of water, which enhance toning, strength building and calorie burning.

Your likelihood of success in establishing any new exercise habits rest firmly on the degree of pleasure you get from the activity. Human behavior studies by Ferris and Henderson indicate that, to get someone involved in a particular form of exercise over the long term, “the program must be fun and satisfying. Those who try water exercise enjoy moving in the aquatic environment.

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How To Optimize Your GI To Maximize your Weight Loss Part 1!

Morris County NJ Digestive Disorder Nutritional Expert

Morris County NJ Digestive Disorder Nutritional Expert

The GI system is bond to many organs that allow your body to function properly. We decided to write a three part article, so we can cover everything from: how food is processed to how food is absorbed and released. The 3 stage article will help you associate some of the techniques taught to your weight loss journey. So let’s start with all the places where food travels before hitting your GI. And how to make this process more effective for weight management and to achieve optimum digestion in your system.

Mouth And Esophagus:

Placing your food in your mouth initiates a series of events that begins the digestive system process. When food is put in your mouth, you must chew it slowly in order to recruit proper salivary enzymes that help break apart your food. As well as properly absorb it. Enzymes such as: salivary amalayze is immediately released to help your food to be broken out. All the food placed in your mouth is covered with saliva, which contain the glicoprotein mucin. With it’s excellent lubricating properties mucin helps food slide into the stomach, through the esophagus without irritation, the PH of the mouth is neutral (between 6.0and 7.0 ) and the ph remains neutral in the stomach.


Food passes from the esophagus to the stomach, where the additional digestive process takes place. A rapid shift in Ph occurs from 6.0 to 7.0 to between 2.0 and 2.5 when food enters the stomach. This highly acidic stomach environment initiates a series of events that promote protein digestion while continuing the mixing action that was initiated in the mouth. Specialize cells in the stomach also produce intrinsic factors which are important for the absorption of vitamin b12. With this being said, it is very important that you consider a healthy diet, since your stomach’s ecosystem turns acidic when food gets in it. A diet high in saturated fats and sugars, will be making your stomach even more acidic, which, it can turn in not just weigh increased. But also proliferation of bad cells since keeping a low Ph can induce diseases such as cancer and immune system related issues. Here are few foods you can eat to keep your Ph high :

  • Lentils and beans
  • Cactus pear
  • Jicama
  • Cabbage
  • Mushrooms
  • Coconut
  • broccoli
  • collard greens

Digestive Enzymes for Intestinal health And Weight Loss

Digestive enzymes are proteins involved in the digestion of food, and find naturally in the body. These enzymes are vital for intestinal health as well as weight loss. They are secreted in the pancreas and aid the body in breaking down nutrients such as: carbohydrates, fats and proteins, when normal function in the pancreas is disrupt due to bad eating habits, causing overweight issues, the body may not be able to absorb these nutrients properly. Digestive enzymes are recommended to aid the body in the digestion of these nutrients. For this reason, our first week diets, of our 12 week system is always packed with enzyme foods that can immediately help the pancreas to start its proper function. I recommend the following foods to accelerate enzyme production in your body, as well as to help vital organs that need the enzyme proliferation for important functions in the body. These enzymes will help you lose weight as well as keeping some of your body’s organs such as liver and pancreas, working optimally. Start with this list as soon as today!:

  • Bananas
  • Miso
  • Papaya
  • Pinneaple
  • Kiwi
  • Grapefruit
  • Apricot
  • Keffir
  • Avocado
  • Digestive enzyme supplements. Tornado enzymes deliver up to 9 enzymes like no other product out there. A complete enzyme supplement worth to try it!


We learned today, that we can no longer stay idly, while putting food in our mouth. The mouth and esophagus are important constituents of the digestive system. If we chew our food slowly our chances to get to our weight loss goal will increase, as well as using foods with a great ph balance numbers. Finally our enzymes are a vital part of our health. They are catalysts for food absorption and digestion. Stay tuned for part 2 of these series of blogs on “How to optimize your GI for optimal weight loss results”.

To your health!

Jose Fuentes/MS/CN/CPT

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Weight Loss For Men in Morris County NJ

Morris County NJ Best Weight Loss Resolution Program!

Morris County NJ Best Weight Loss Resolution Program!. Is a system created by Master Trainer And Nutritionist Jose Fuentes. For Morris County NJ residents. Weight loss has been one of the first goals people write on their list at the beginning of each year. Many of these individuals, who are looking for help, find systems,which are not sustainable, and lack a consistent plan. Our system is a plan, made for people that have failed their weight loss resolutions before. Jose Fuentes (Master Trainer), have been offering and improving his 12 week tornado system for two decades, which allows people to have variety, and sustainability in their diets. Variety is key for any diet system in order to be successful. Jose’s clients have reached their weight loss goals for the last 20 years. They look and feel better. And as many of these individuals you see on the image below can attest; the key is variety and a week by week CONSISTENT plan.

Water Consumption

Some people, take water consumption for granted. Master Trainer Fuentes’ assigns his clients specific times a day, when water needs to be drank. Jose has discovered over the course of 2 decades, that drinking water at specific times, promotes water loss, improves blood pressure, and detox the lymphatic system as well as kidneys, bladder and liver.

Detox Your Body With Whole Foods

Ginger, golden seal root, cucumbers, chayote and other greens are among the greens Jose uses on his clients. These greens aid the body in removing toxins, they purify the blood, and clean major essential organs that boost weight loss and help digestion. In this phase, fruits play an important role, since some of them , are detox foods and natural diuretics as well.

The Plan

We pride ourselves for being the #1 weight loss and body transformation center in NJ . Our 12 week plan is easy and effective. On the link below, you will see, what other systems lack of, you can study carefully, our consistent, yet efficient plan that changes food choices almost every week, therefore, no one ever gets bored!.

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