Optimizing Athlete’s GI For Peak Performance

Morris County NJ Best Sports Nutritionist For Athletes

Morris County  NJ Best  Sports Nutritionist For Athletes

Morris County NJ Best Sports Nutritionist For Athletes.  Over the past years I have been Fixing lots of misconceptions of what my athletes should and shouldn’t be eating, drinking and supplementing during the off season and in-season cycles is not an easy task. The athlete’s body is not different than any other human being’s body, the difference is that these individuals, need to feel, and fuel optimally 365 days of the year to stay at their peak level. In the following paragraphs. As a Morris County NJ Athletic Nutritional Consultant, I will teach you, all the places, where food travels before hitting your GI. And how to make this process easy and effective. Many misconceptions lead to theories such as; protein and high carbs are king. Leaving out essential nutrients that are needed to reach peak performance as well!.

Mouth And Esophagus:

Mouth and esophagus health is important for athletes because problems with either, inevitably lead to food intake restrictions that limit nutrient consumption, and ultimately, result in malnutrition. Given the predisposition of athletes to consume a relatively high level of simple carbohydrates in snacks and sports beverages, which have a high cariogenic (i,e, cavity causing), potential frequent visits to the dentist to ensure healthy teeth and gums are advised.  In addition, the intense abdominal forces inherent in many sports activities  (e.g. weightlifting)may predispose athletes to hiatal hernias that lead to esophagitis. An acutely irritated esophagus is painful, makes swallowing difficult, and inevitably leads to food restrictions.

Chew Your Food Slowly

Placing nutrition substances in our mouth initiates a series of events that begins the digestive system process. Chewing breaks apart food so it can be mixed more completely with digestive enzymes, particularly one called:  salivary amalyze, which begins the digestion of carbohydrates. Chewing your food slowly  allows, amalyze enzyme to be released effectively. The secretion  of saliva and amylase occurs from the thought, sight, smell, and taste of food. All food placed in the mouth is covered with saliva, which contains the glycoprotein mucin. With its excellent lubricating properties. Mucin  slides FOOD into the stomach, through the esophagus without irritation. The ph of the mouth is approximately neutral (between 6.0 and 7.0 ), and the Ph remains neutral in the esophagus.


Everything passes from the esophagus to the stomach, where additional digestive processes take place. A rapid shift in PH occurs from -6.0 to 7.0 to between 2.0 and 2.5 when food enters the stomach. This highly acidic stomach environment initiates a series of events that promotes protein digestion while continuing the mixing action  initiated in the mouth. Specialized cells in the stomach also produce intrinsic factor, important for absorption of vitamin b12. Necessary for the production of new red blood cells. Failure to adequately add vitamin b12 eventually results in a condition called (pernicious anemia).

5 ways to time and mix your nutrients for optimal absorption:

1-Always use fiber as your main meal in the morning. YOU READ RIGHT!. Forget about shakes, eggs, and other foods who will slow down your digestive process. Used instead: oatmeal, mangos, couscous, quinoa, lentils. Or, check this pancake mix design for athletes full of fiber and a ridiculous amount of protein per serving as well!

2-Use your protein shakes right after your workouts. That is when your muscles go into the catabolic phase, and glycogen storages have been depleted. Since we are talking about “best absortion practices”. I am going to suggest you pick something  with no gluten and lactose free, loaded with enzymes and probiotics. CHECK OUR TORNADO ISO WHEY SHAKES!

3-Draw a rainbow in your main course dishes. I like to see colors on my athletes’ main courses. May be a performance carbohydrate, like, potatoes or brown rice, with a fiber portion like broccoli or asparagus. An anti inflammatory portion food such as purple cabbage and a decent amount of their favorite protein. I prefer high digestible types. I can throw some plant based sources since I am a vegan and a plant based certified nutritionist. Here are my favorite ones: quinoa, chlorella, spirulina, hemp. For non-vegan athletes : salmon, tuna, chicken, hard boiled eggs, etc.

4-As mentioned above: cut down the consumption of high simple  forms of carbohydrate in snacks and drinks. They have a high cariogenic potential, terrible for gums and teeth. Introduce natural fruits such as: kiwis, oranges, mangoes, and coconut water instead.

5-Take digestive enzymes. Digestive enzymes  are proteins involved in the digestion of food, find naturally in the body, they are vital for the athlete’s digestive health. They are secreted by the pancreas, aid the body in breaking down: fats, proteins and carbohydrates, when normal functioning of the pancreas is disrupted, due to illness or injury. Resulting in insufficient enzyme production, these nutrients may not be absorb properly. Digestive enzymes are recommended to protect against this malabsorption. Supplements vary, and some are not as complete as others. Because  contain  only 3, however, THE TORNADO ENZYMES have a mixture of them and a lot more for your buck!

Maximizing  Athletes Digestion!
Try Hemicellulase, an enzyme extracted from the fermentation of a fungus, and  other ones  that help the body digest fats, carbohydrates, proteins, etc. Besides hemicellulase, is an enzyme no made by your body!. Therefore, essential to your health. Use Alpha-galactosidase  too, helps keeping our body a way from inflammation, gastritis and bloating stomach and much more benefits. 

Use these guidelines to improve digestion and performance. I am very confident that  you will be feeling faster, lighter and more explosive. Leave your comments below!. Please check our sports conditioning page.

To Your Health!

Jose Fuentes/C.S.P.S./CN/C.S.N./MS

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Functional Strength And Power

Parsippany NJ Speed And Agility For Elite Athletes

Parsippany NJ Speed  And Agility For Elite Athletes

Parsippany NJ Speed And Agility For Elite  Athletes. It’s a key element, where the horse power reserve factor or (speed strength)  is our primary method of training. Most athletes or strength coaches  have forgotten to apply this system.  At our clinic , we have been using “the horse power reserve factor”  for years, in which, when training for pure speed strength, you will be able to play at full capacity, with more available power for the demanding adjustments that arise during the game.

At our clinic: Parsippany NJ Speed and Agility For elite athletes. We focus on functional strength and power training to improve the athlete’s ability to apply sufficient force to an opponent or object at the right time. At the required performance speed at the right direction.The key is to discover how much force is required at various times during the game and to learn to precisely apply that force. As functional strength and power increase, so will horsepower reserve (speed strength), which as mentioned, will allow the athlete  to play the game at a lower percentage of capacity. With more available power for the more demanding adjustments that raise during the game. These exercises may vary from.  Transitional sprinting, unilateral movements to stop and go continuous drills.

Parsippany NJ Functional strength & Power For Athletes:

Similarly a high powered human body will reach a chosen speed, more quickly than a lower powered body. Parsippany NJ Functional strength &Power for athletes. Can provide this advantage regardless of the situation and sport. Each one of us comes with a built in performance qualities that can be influenced by a functional strength program. Each of these qualities has a range of trainability. These qualities determine how fast we recognize and respond in athletic situations and therefore determine our level of success or failure in our chosen sports.

The primary purpose of our  functional strength and power program, is to develop the require force and tissue capacity, for any sport. Tissue capacity includes the ability of body tissues to build, defend, heal, repair, regenerate, remodel and regulate themselves. All functional changes bring structural changes in tissues and systems. These changes involve the whole organism.

Any builder knows that the materials used in construction, must be able to sustain the loads in all stress ranges. Although there can’t be guarantees that a high level of  functional strength and power will provide protection for injuries, will provide some amount of basic insurance.

With proper training the human body will take care of needed structural changes. Tissues will be strengthen as a natural consequence of functional strength and power training. At our clinic we also focus to develop additional size, strength and power reserve, so the athlete can perform at a very high playing speed and still protect themselves from injuries. Unquestionably the most important injury prevention is to be an alert, highly skilled player with the ability to control the forces on the field or court.  Proper use of our programs for athletes, will promote immediate long term benefits, which will be evident through improved performance, faster recovery time, reduction in injuries, and reduced healing time, should an injury occurred.

Finally the ability to propel a stationary body into rapid movement and excel maximal force, requires both; strength and power (speed strength). An athlete may be quite strong yet, lack explosive power and be incapable of sprinting a fast 40 yard or 40 meter  dash. We pride ourselves in following the principle of specificity, and never while strength coaching,  mix athletes whose sports aren’t the same .  Because speed and power training should involve movements that are similar to those in the sport.

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