24 Weeks Tornado Transformation

Morris County NJ weight loss transformation program

Morris County NJ Weight Loss Transformation Program.

By Jose Fuentes/CN/CPT

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You are about to discover the most powerful 24 week program ,so popular that many people just type on google:  ‘Morris County NJ  weight loss, and lifestyle change system, and our blog pops immediately!. This system is the most sought after program for weight loss across NJ.

As a nutritionist in Morris County NJ, I have seen many other programs that don’t integrate   holistic nutrition in NJ, as  part of their program. No other system for weight loss in NJ, gives you the frequency of learning each week, residual information. With your own nutritionist IN MORRIS COUNTY NJ, and physical trainer in Morris County NJ, we are  always integrating holistic nutrition in NJ for weight management and health improvement . As a result, you will learn  the following:

1-Reactivate dormant hormones. Through sound exercises and nutritional practices. We have created a healthy endocrine system in each of our clients. Therefore, this  has been a successful part of our program. For example: Nutrition for diabetics in  NJ, as well as exercise for diabetics in  NJ. has been managed by reactivating people’s endocrine system. So, other hormones like insulin can be regulated. And we can proudly say, that our programs for,  exercise for diabetics in  NJ and as well as nutrition for diabetics in NJ, have helped hundreds to regulate sugars, as well as others with other hormonal conditions. Our segment of exercise for diabetics in  Morris County NJ, has allowed individuals with diabetes and hashimoto’s issues to benefit from this amazing system.

2-Create the right Ecosystem in  your GI, so everything can be delivered properly to your cells and organs, to increase tissue  and metabolism function. Weight Loss in  NJ for intestinal  issues , IS BASED ON SOUND NUTRITIONAL METHODS FOR THE INDIVIDUAL’S NEEDS.  Some intestinal issues,  doesn’t have to be treated with drugs any more. Many people are unaware that a holistic approach can be applied,  when in need of an alternative for GI issues, so the individual can reactivate healthy bacteria in their intestines.  We have you covered with every aspect of intestinal issues, you may be experienced.

3-You will be taught how to use secret plants that will make your weigh melt down in days!

4-You will work out with a pro, one on one who understand hormone, and thermic effect OF FOOD stimulation, FOR WEIGHT LOSS, like no other trainers can!

5-Our formula FFP explained and applied in detail (Fat, FIBER AND PROTEIN CONSUMPTION  TIMES 5 MULTIPLY  BY 7 Days) this itself is a winner you will be ready to use this formula many times over, to see the weigh vanished!

6-Water consumption secrets and much more!. Your body will assimilate water at secretly specific times a day. Infuse with power plants and fruits to ignite your metabolism, and stimulate your endocrine system.

Please check our 6 weeks series, and, 12 week series to learn more on this program since the 2 system make part of this proven 24 week system!

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12 Weeks Tornado Transformation

Morris County NJ Best Weight Loss 12 Week System!


This article will help you understand how the twelve week system works step by step. This has been one of the most successful  weight loss programs, ever developed. On this article on link below, I explained in depth, step by step how the 3 months  look like, what to expect and how each week is handled. Leave your comments and contact me directly at: info@shapesrin.com

12 Incredible tips to transform your body in 12 weeks

What others have to say:

Morris county NJ Weight Loss for men
Morris County NJ Weight Loss for men

I did The Tornado Weight Loss Program, and lost 35 lbs. I am a faithful member of the system, and the improvement never ends when follow the guidelines. I had both knee replaced and finding someone with the level of expertise in sports injuries, was helpful and made me trust the exercise part of the program. My quads are stronger, I have more power in my core and I learned how to eat properly.

Jeff K./Denville NJ/Lost 35 Lbs/10″ total waist loss/25%BF

Morris County NJ Best Weight Loss System For Women
Morris County NJ Best Weight Loss System For Women

I came to Jose at my lowest, physically and mentally. Jose understands women’s endocrine cycles. He has compassion and the knowledge to take anyone from their worst to their best. I lost 60 lbs in 12 weeks and went back to myself. My mind is in the right place as well as my body. CALL JOSE. It is the best decision you probably ever made for your health and well being.

Kelly Walsh/Denville NJ/Lost 60 lbs/15%BF/12″Total waist loss





6 Weeks Tornado Transformation

Morris county nj best weight loss transformation 6 week system

Morris County NJ Body Transformation 6 Weeks System.

Our 6 Week System will give you all the tools to change your body and lifestyle. Producing a new you, while making sure, each week you learn our 6 week transformation plan and stay with it. Through the tools we have, which make this process successful for almost 20 years. Here is what you will learn each week step by step:

Week 1-Water loss and detox techniques. All you need to know of herbs, plants, foods that will help you lose water weight as well as detox your body. Proper water hydration and diuretic foods to lose excess of water, and decrease excess of sodium in you body. Exercise for conditioning.

Week 2: Portion Control Techniques. Here we’ll learn what foods will keep you full and satisfied. You will learn our “nutrition timing system” to stay on track with your meals as well as your weight loss throughout the day. Will learn, what’s the thermic effect of food’. In your system, which is a huge indicator of what foods to eat, for  each stage of the day. Exercise for water loss.

Week 3:  Hormonal Reset Techniques. Here I will prescribe foods that will regulate your hormones, as well as ignite your metabolism quickly to starting the weight loss process. EXERCISE FOR INCH LOSS. USING OUR PATENT DEVICE THE TORNADO BLAZER WHEELER.

Week 4: Gluten And Dairy Free Diet. An in dept look of why a gluten and dairy free diet will help you lose weight while reducing inflammation and bloating issues. Exercise to DETOX. CORE STRENGTHENING TECHNIQUES USING OUR TORNADO BLAZER WHEELER.

Week 5 : The Tornado enzyme diet’. This week you will learn how the proliferation of enzymes, via food consumption  can help you weight loss goals, digestion and secretion of other weight loss hormones.  Exercise to tone and elevate your metabolism throughout the day.

Week 6:  the Tornado system’  20/30/20 formula! 20% protein, 30% fiber, 20% essential fats. When you ready to execute this formula, you are ready to soar!. This will take your weight loss to the next level. We teach you which foods are the most rich in PFF’ or (Protein, Fiber, Fats ) where to consume these foods, what time of the day, etc. Exercise fr total conditioning and fat loss.