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Morris County NJ Best Holistic back Pain Management Treatment

Morris County NJ Best Holistic  back Pain Management Treatment

5 Ways To decrease low back pain in record time!:

By Jose Fuentes/LBDCS/CPT/Blogger

Back pain in NJ  stats have increased since 2016 by 45% according to USA TODAY!. This is one of the main causes for hospitalizations in the state of New Jersey. The sad part is the numbers keep climbing. Back pain in NJ’s methods for prevention, keep moving in the same direction. Pain killers, drugs, chiropractors, physical therapy and worst of all surgery. These systems have been around for decades, without presenting real solutions. Otherwise why numbers keep climbing up?

NJ’s low back pain disorders. SYMPTOMS and problems keep escalating rapidly. And the pharmaceutical companies are the ones who are getting most of the benefits and cures. NJ’s low back disorders’ stats will only increase in years to come if a real solution isn’t found.

The opiods or drugs used, are a menace to society. Doctors in NJ, are failing you with their systems and tactics . Not only because most of the recommended drugs, and methods only worked temporarily, but also kept patients addicted to them. Lots of my clients with low back disorders, deeply bewailing their drug treatments in the past, and even therapy methods, recommended by Doctors and other “so called” back specialists.

Low back disorders solutions and cures,  have progressed little in the past years. Therefore I have been hastily assembled programs for low back disorders since 2008, when I became a ‘certified low back disorder specialist. Although attained a great success on most of my clients. I’ve bewailed not been able to help those already hooked for years in to these opiods. The body becomes addicted to these and immune to any other holistic methods. The traditional  approach on individuals, who for years have taken these drugs is insufficient, since they don’t offer other answers.

Why We need a different approach:

NJ Holistic Pain Management. is the answer, and,  most people are avoiding and preventing low back pain more than ever before in human history. Simply by learning bullet proof concepts like the ones will introduce you here. So they never have to worry about opiods, chiropractors, and recurrent  therapies that never worked.!

NJ Holistic Pain Management solution:

There is 3 main causes that start the pain process on people, as such, we will address them accordingly.

1-Bulging disks. Doctors believe that bulging disks are a great reason to start surgery, and cut their patients to resolve this. Well wrong!. They can correct this simply, by carefully applying  low back therapies, and strengthening their core musculature.

2-Sitting. That itself has become a common culture in our society. Since more jobs requires us to seat for hours. So much that it has amounted to 40% more pressure when compared to standing. Also more commute, has gave lots of stress to our low back tissues. Since the amount of time driving with bad posture tends to deteriorate our back joints!,

3-Lack of exercise. Sadly people prefer to visit someone who can temporarily relief pain through drugs or common therapies such as: steroid shots, chiropracting visits, or, other methods which will manage the problem momentarily. Without, getting rid of the chronic pain.

Laying the foundation:

Back tissues; including bone (e.g. vertebrate) cartilage (e,g, vertebral end plates) ligaments and muscle tendons. Will respond to load, either they will weaken if the load is excessive, or they will atrophy and damage discs if the load is too little. In my view, optimal load defines the stimulus or exposure that results in tissue strengthening without breakdown. Building the ultimate back follows a five stage process as my story’s title indicates. These stages will ensure a foundation for eventual strength, recovery, speed, power, elasticity and mobility in the entire spine!.

Stage 1- Groove motion patterns, motor patterns and develop appropriate corrective exercise.

a-Identify perturbed patterns together with their cause. For example: does vacuuming the floor hurts? , Does shaving causes pain?, sitting too long becomes painful?, etc.

b-Progress basic movement patterns through to complex activity specific patterns. Start by walking straight and moving your arms as you walk. This will help you minimize the pressure on your lower back, and divide loads. By using your arms, you are engaging your shoulders and other core muscles. Without relying uniquely on your hips and back!

c-Design basic balance challenges through to complex  balance specific environments. Use a bosu ‘half ball to start improving your balance. Check my speech on low back disorders on video below for more ideas. Check our patent device the Tornado blazer in my video speech below!.

2- Build whole body and joint stability

a-build stability will sparing the joints; EXERCISES like: planks, rubber band kicks, yoga bull curl ups are perfect examples of what one can do to build stability.

b-ensure sufficient stability commensurate for the demands of the tasks.

c-Stability for one joint may require, mobility at another. This is where multi-joint functional exercises can help you engage in activities where reciprocal inhibition takes place at a task. If one muscle is weak, a neighboring muscle joint will follow. Again watch video for some ideas on functional activities for stability.

3-Increase Endurance.

a-build endurance without becoming tired. Using the stairs with up right posture can help. Using your elliptical training machine with upright posture, and using handles, can be helpful. Also activities on the yoga ball that required the engagement of multiple muscles can help you build endurance in your core musculature.

4-Build strength.

a-Spare the joints while maximizing neuromuscular compartment challenge.  That’s the phase where you start challenging your body with strength trained activities on unstable devices, not just to develop strength but to challenge your neuromuscular system. This will keep your core strong, and will promote strength in other areas of your daily activities. Such as: pushing boxes. Carrying grocery bags, walking the dog, etc.

5-Finally add these foods for inflammation and to remove toxins off your spine:

a) avocados

b) pineapple

c) nopal

d) aloe vera

e) cummin

f) tummeric

g)Oregano il

h) black seed oil

i) olive oil

j) acai

k) nogi berries

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NJ Best Weight Loss System

Randolph NJ Weight Lloss For Hormonal Disorders!

Randolph NJ Weight Loss For Hormonal Disorders!

These 2 hormones are killing your weight loss goals:

By Jose Fuentes/C.S.P.S./CN/CPT/MS/

Perhaps the single most important factor associated with sustaining  a healthy weight loss is maintenance of fluid balance throughout the day. Notwithstanding, many dieters replenish their body properly with water while on a diet.  They are still few misconceptions, I will ON THIS ARTICLE be steadfast to  doctrines I have learned and applied.  Few years ago, I was with the idea that, to have the best, NJ diet program,  my dieters could just, follow their meal plans and keep drinking plenty of water through their  day, as part of my, NJ diet program. The NJ diet program I developed to keep Morris County  weight loss dieters on track is simple.  I gradually extricated myself from many errors dietitians in NJ  made for Morris County Weight Loss RESIDENTS. Thus,  at length resolved few issues my clients kept having  on fluid retention and  causes. Causes and solutions I ‘d like to address here. That, unfortunately, dietitians in NJ have not resolved.

If you are someone who has visit Dietitians in NJ, and this dietitians in NJ, made you cut calories, increased  protein intake and now you are trying to drink some more water to see results, and nothing happens!. Keep reading. I will teach you, what no one has taught you; and all start with  water ingestion,which, has a direct relationship with food absorption. If you are like most individuals who also start an exercise routine to decrease weight. Your chances to become exposed to dehydration are even higher.

This is why:  every time you try to lose weight through exercise and diet, the amount of fluids your body requires to function optimally will increase. When you cut calories, increase activity and drink more water, your body goes through heat evaporation continuously. Therefore; it is important that you pursue strategies that can sustain the hydration state. Failure to do so will lead to fatigue and potentially water retention which is the last thing you need when trying to lose weightt.

It would be indeed preposterous for anyone thinking of water just as a weight loss tool.  Water is the main component of blood, which delivers oxygen, nutrients, hormones, and a multitude of other substances to cells, and removes metabolic by-products from cells. Water has also a protective function, cushioning the spinal cord and brain from sudden-impact injury, and is a critical component of our temperature regulation mechanisms. Water and its electrolyte components are involved in the control of osmotic pressure, (regulating the amount of fluid inside and outside cells).

Now that we understand how important water is in our lives, let’s take a look at how you can decrease a vast amount of weight, through proper water hydration practices.

1-Sweating: this is the most common question I have, when dieters want to know how much fat/weigh can lose through sweating. In fact, a lot is lost during exercise, because you body’s temperature increases, you heart rate beats per minute augment, and, many good things happened. The problem is that your body will still retain a good amount of sodium to preserve water-volume-water. Its a biological course occurring in our system called (plasma osmolarity). When you exercise, be prepared. Sip water, but used a low calorie, low sugar electrolyte drink, to replenished some of the minerals, lost through exercise. This drink on link;  will make your body normalized the concentration of electrolytes, as well as help you recover quickly. This is one of the best electrolytes drinks available in the market with a thermogenic blend (for weight loss) in it, and some essential fats as well. By recovering electrolytes, your body will easily start flushing out excess of toxins, and water, through urine excretion.

2-Balance Your ADH. The hidden hormone, no Doctors ever talked about, no dietitians ever mentioned,ADH is a hormone called ‘Antidiuretic Hormone. If this hormone isn’t balanced, it could simply become a pain in the tooth!. When your body becomes under hydrated, this hormone forces the kidneys to retain more water. And, you become swelled up. Because your body also starts retaining water since your kidneys are not working optimally. What you want to do, in order to keep your ADH levels working optimally, is to immediately consume a protein and glucose  drink 10 minutes after exercise, this video will increase your understanding of what protein powders  are the best. So you can responsibly choose the one ideal for your diet needs. Many of our clients have been steadfast to our protein powders but you can always do your research. However, to keep  ADH levels working optimally. the powder we reccommend is the Tornado WHEY. Because, it has all the recovery elements with a whooping  35 grams of protein per serving, and is low glycemic . On the other side of the spectrum. Our green protein called tornado green lean has green proteins containing  plenty of electrolytes that will help your water balance and flush out toxins in your kidneys.  A good rule of thumb, is always check your urine, if it is  light and clear, means you are losing unwanted fluids and you are well hydrated. If it is dark however, means that you are full of toxins and underhydrated.

Aldosterone hormone: If you are someone who has problems with water retention, or constantly feel bloated with no idea of why the weigh gain  continues. I beseech you  to pay attention closely. Aldosterone, is a hormone few people pays attention to, and worse yet, few people know or ever heard about. If you learned how to manage this hormone, as part of your endocrine system, this information could be a gift from heaven, because this hormone manages your electrolytes, and balance water levels in your body.

First of all, the aldosterone hormone is  the main mineral corticoid, is a steroid hormone produced by the adrenal cortex. It acts mainly in the functional unit of the kidneys to aid in the conservation of sodium, secretion of potassium, water retention, and to stabilize blood pressure. Overall aldosterone hormone helps to increase the re-absorption of water and ions in the kidneys to maintain sufficient blood volume levels, stabilizing blood pressure. Now if we leave this hormone unchecked, it will cause a cascade of health issues, particularly inflammation, heart blood pressure, heart disease, and mineral depletion. If aldosterone goes to low, you may have problems holding on critical electrolytes.

How to keep this hormone healthy?

Increase foods high in zinc and magnesium such as:





whole grains



pumpkin seeds


Keep your body alkiline, acidosis or a low ph stimulates aldosterone production. Therefore, maintaining a balance  ph through an alkalizing  diet, keeps a healthy aldosterone levels.

Add the following to your diet for a healthy ph.

Red cabbage

Apple cider vinnager




White vinnegar

Lemon Juice


Grape seed oil

2- Increase omega 3 fatty acids such as:


Flax seed oil

Clover oil

These hormones  are vital if you aspire to an effective weight loss, start by  cutting  off starches, salt, alcohol, processed foods, and sweetens.

Avoid dehydration and increase consumption of minerals mentioned above.

To your health!

Jose Fuentes/CN/Blogger

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NJ Bariatric Surgery Alternative

morris county nj bariatric surgery best nutritionist

Morris County NJ Bariatric Surgery Substitute Program:

By Jose Fuentes/MS.CN/WMCI/CPT

As a NJ Bariatric nutritionist, I have been in both sides of the fence, with post bariatric clients, and those who have preferred the alternative way. Therefore, as a  NJ Bariatric nutritionist. I recommend YOU, read my whole text, and make your own conclusions for your current situation. Our Morris County NJ bariatric exercise system, can help you improve your condition. Our Morris County NJ Bariatric exercise methods, helped many individuals achieve their weight loss goals.. Therefore, the program  written by a Morris County NJ bariatric exercise expert, will help you modify and integrate new behavioral  patterns, which, will improve cardiovascular levels and core strength.  In the following lines, I  am going to give you my  opinion as an active,  NJ Bariatric nutritionist, for over 20 years. As a   NJ Bariatric nutritionist. I’ ve seen many clients who have refused to modified their eating behavioral habits. As well as others who have integrate new ways of dieting and successfully achieve weight loss success. I am one of the few NJ Bariatric nutritionist, who has helped dozens of patients to understand portion control habits and nutrient timing methods. Here are my pros and cons of the aftermath procedure:

1- After surgery. You understand that you are what you put in your body. No matter who does your surgery. It’ll be some degree of pain you have to go through. Medication is always an option for management. That itself, will make you think twice if it is worthwhile gaining the weigh back!

2-This procedure  has helped, improved or resolve many obesity or related conditions, such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease.

3-Our Programs are cater for before or after surgeries , in case you try other alternatives.We can help you improve your current situation.  With a comprehensive plan, to get long term weight loss results.

4-The American Society Of Bariatric and metabolic Surgery. 

Claim a few things, which are absolutely true. The chances of a procedure like this to be a success, depends upon the habits that you choose after your method. Whether is: gastric bypass, gastric sleeve, and laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding, you are changing the anatomy of your gastrointestinal tract.  Therefore, as a NJ Bariatric Weight Loss expert, I can help you get a portion control plan, that can help you achieve homeostasis.  NJ Bariatric Weight Loss Expert. Can also help you achieve that behavior modification. Further more our  NJ Bariatric Weight Loss Expert, is trained to motivate you towards your weight loss goals.

There is an alternative to this with exercise and well developed strategy.  Our 12 Week Transformation, helps candidates who like to explore other options before  surgical process. The twelve Week system, will give you all the tools needed  if you are looking to a healthy alternative to it.

E mail us for more information.

Core training for golf

Morris County NJ Core strength Training for golf

Morris County NJ Core strength Training for golf

By Jose Fuentes/Golf Strength & Conditioning Certified Specialist/CN

Its not surprising these days that in order to accomplish optimum sports performance in any endeavor, you must develop your core muscles. At our Denville NJ Golf conditioning clinic for strength and power, we understand that our students must develop the core region of the body to  improve performance. At our  Denville NJ Golf Conditioning clinic, we focus extensively on transfer forces from the legs to the upper body. During activities in which the entire muscular system  linking is required.

Our Morris County NJ  core   golf clinic for strength makes sure that each student achieves a reasonably high level of overall muscular strength, in order to proceed to the next step. Which is postural stability, at  our Morris County NJ golf core clinic,  we are aware that the majority of golfers entering their 40s and 50s’, mobility of their middle back and rib cage, on a strong foundation of lower back stability is paramount. Our goal in our NJ  postural training for golf clinic, is to allow the middle back to move fully. This full movement prevents the lower back from becoming an escape route for the rotation that the middle back should be doing, but can’t do because of postural induce restrictions. Our goal in our Morris County NJ golf conditioning clinic, is to accentuate movements that prevents the lower back from becoming an escape route, for the rotation that the middle back should be doing.Because  the lumbar region or lower part of our backs isn’t made to rotate. Whereas the middle back as a region is fashioned to rotate. Golf involves rotation, but the lower back disks distort, and break down, when excessive rotational force is placed upon them. Therefore, when the mid back rotates fully is easier to pass the momentum of the swing, right through the low  back without absorbing excess force into these tissues.

To summarize these, all of our training programs for golf consist of isolating the lower part of the abdominal region, the oblique musculature, as well as the upper abdominal muscles. A program for strengthening the lower back is also extremely important because postural stability allows golfers to maintain the spine angle throughout the entire swing!

Called our Morris County NJ golf conditioning clinic, for a free assessment today!


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