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Morris County NJ Best Fitness Conditioning For Golf

By Jose Fuentes/Strength And Conditioning Certified Golf Specialist/C.P.C.S/CN/MS

From The Tea To The Green. Improve all aspects of your Game!

1-Generate Explosive power

2-Improve Flexibility For A More Fluid Swing

3-Nutrition for Golfers: What no one ever teaches: While getting glucose polymers and performance carbs. You can add fuel to your games in just seconds. Use our complete fiber/protein ratio meal plans to feel, lighter and stronger on every upcoming game.

4-Weight Loss For Golfers

5-Build Muscle Endurance For Greater Shot Control

6-Maintain Strength And Flexibility through the year!

7-Increase Core Strength For A More Powerful Swing.

8-Improve Motor Skills. Muscle Memory For A More Consistent Fluid Swing.

9-Warm Up With The Same Routines Use By The Pros!

Conditioning for golf is the most comprehensive training system in NJ.

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I trained with Jose for 2 years due to a back injury, which prevented me to play golf. After few months of back treatments at Shapes  R In, I was able to play and stay pain free all season long. Jose applies the best therapies for back injuries, and understands the golfer’s physical needs.

Kevin Finlay/Denville NJ

I  Improved my game in few weeks after coming to Jose. My shots got stronger and I started to drive the ball farther. A shoulder injury I had in the past became a big inhibitor to my performance. However, Jose’s knowledge on sports injuries, kept my shoulder healthy and as of right now equally strong as  my right side. Call JOSE , if you are serious abut improving your game!

Kevin Kelly/Mountain Lakes NJ






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