Exercise And Hormonal Adaptations

Exercise And Hormonal Adaptations

Parsippany NJ Exercise Plans For Women

Parsippany NJ Exercise Plans For Women. Is a system dedicated to women in its totality. I hear many times women coming to me with the same story: I have done jazz exercise, hot yoga, zumba, bootcamps and can’t lose the weight. It is frustrating, they exclaimed!. Problem with those systems ‘is that in fact they are not designed for women. No matter how much they want to sell the idea of it. Or how easy they seem compare to other methods of exercise. They are not designed for women whose hormones aren’t working optimally. And the bad news: some women have gained even more weight, or can’t lose weight with these systems, that’s a sign, indicating their hormones are slowed. Let’s discussed some of the causes and solutions to this issues, so some of you reading can get to a good start this 2019!.

Worse exercise programs for slow hormones:

The mechanisms of hormonal interaction with muscle tissue depends on several factors. First when exercise acutely increases the blood concentration of hormones, a greater probability of interactions with receptors is possible.The combination of many different mechanisms is thought to stimulate exercise induce hypertrophy (MUSCLE GROWTH). Or (MUSCLE DEFICIENCY)  programs with lack of muscle toning elements, or worse yet. Programs whose base are olympic lifting style such as: cross fit, heavy weight, bootcamps, wherewith women not only tend to bulk but gain weight at the expense of gaining strength. Take a second look at that way of exercise, they are not weight loss friendly!.

What most of these systems can’t  understand, is that neural factors, integration of the nervous system, and the various hormonal mechanisms is different on each individual. For example certain hormonal mechanisms, such as those mediated by testosterone, may be fully operational in women. So why training to boost testosterone?. Furthermore, women have  a wide array of hormonal mechanisms with different effects based on program design, training level, age, generic predisposition and adaptational potential appear to provide a myriaid of possible adaptation strategies for the maintenance or improvement of weight loss goals and strength.

Hormonal shifts as you age!

We understand that with age hormone concentrations in women indicates several possible fates for their bodies, like : greater degradation of hormones, decrease secretion of  hormones or some combination of these. We focus on the following factors in women, and their physiological mechanisms such as:

  • Fluid volume shifts. Body fluid tends to shift from the blood to the cells as a result of exercise. This shift can increase hormone concentration in the blood without any changes in secretion from endocrine glands. Therefore, proper aerobic activities combined with fast pace core activities are vital for women to be able to secrete anti-diuretic hormones to manage fluids properly.
  • Tissue clearance rates. Tissue clearance rates. This is the time it takes a hormone to go through the circulation of the tissue. Hormones circulate through various tissues and organs, with the liver being one of the major processing organs in the body. The time delay as the hormone goes through the circulation in the liver and other tissues keeps the hormone out of blood circulation and away from contact with target receptors in other parts of the body or can degrade it and make it non functional.  An exercise program with proper periodization times for women such as 2 or 3 times a week, should be able to promote tissue clearance rates.
  • Interactions with binding proteins in the blood. Hormones bind with specialize proteins in the blood that help transport it. Hormones interact differently with tissue. While training properly, with right exercise prescriptions and proper adaptations to work outs, free hormones in the blood will interact rapidly with membranes and other cellular receptors, understanding this principle will lead to great improvement in tissue regeneration, and a weight loss outcome as a result of it.

EXERCISE to boost your hormones:

Although organs such as muscle and connective tissue are the ultimate targets of most resistance training programs, for females many adaptations occur within the endocrine system as well.These changes are related to changes in  the  target organs and the toleration of exercise stress. The potential for adaptation in the endocrine system is great with so many different sites and mechanisms that can be affected in women. Following are examples of the potential types of adaptation that are possible with the right exercise program for women:

  • Amount of synthesis and storage of hormones
  • Transport of hormones via binding proteins
  • Time needed for the clearance of hormones through liver and other tissues.
  • Amount of hormone degradation that takes place over a given period of time.
  • How much blood to tissue fluid shifts occurs with exercise stress.
  • The degree of interaction with the cell nucleus (which dictates how much muscle protein to produce).

Armed with this information should be easy for any woman to realize we have the tools to  help them reach their weight loss goals. The hormonal interactions in your body will determine the size of your results.

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