Functional Strength And Power

Functional Strength And Power

Parsippany NJ Speed  And Agility For Elite Athletes

Parsippany NJ Speed And Agility For Elite  Athletes. It’s a key element, where the horse power reserve factor or (speed strength)  is our primary method of training. Most athletes or strength coaches  have forgotten to apply this system.  At our clinic , we have been using “the horse power reserve factor”  for years, in which, when training for pure speed strength, you will be able to play at full capacity, with more available power for the demanding adjustments that arise during the game.

At our clinic: Parsippany NJ Speed and Agility For elite athletes. We focus on functional strength and power training to improve the athlete’s ability to apply sufficient force to an opponent or object at the right time. At the required performance speed at the right direction.The key is to discover how much force is required at various times during the game and to learn to precisely apply that force. As functional strength and power increase, so will horsepower reserve (speed strength), which as mentioned, will allow the athlete  to play the game at a lower percentage of capacity. With more available power for the more demanding adjustments that raise during the game. These exercises may vary from.  Transitional sprinting, unilateral movements to stop and go continuous drills.

Parsippany NJ Functional strength & Power For Athletes:

Similarly a high powered human body will reach a chosen speed, more quickly than a lower powered body. Parsippany NJ Functional strength &Power for athletes. Can provide this advantage regardless of the situation and sport. Each one of us comes with a built in performance qualities that can be influenced by a functional strength program. Each of these qualities has a range of trainability. These qualities determine how fast we recognize and respond in athletic situations and therefore determine our level of success or failure in our chosen sports.

The primary purpose of our  functional strength and power program, is to develop the require force and tissue capacity, for any sport. Tissue capacity includes the ability of body tissues to build, defend, heal, repair, regenerate, remodel and regulate themselves. All functional changes bring structural changes in tissues and systems. These changes involve the whole organism.

Any builder knows that the materials used in construction, must be able to sustain the loads in all stress ranges. Although there can’t be guarantees that a high level of  functional strength and power will provide protection for injuries, will provide some amount of basic insurance.

With proper training the human body will take care of needed structural changes. Tissues will be strengthen as a natural consequence of functional strength and power training. At our clinic we also focus to develop additional size, strength and power reserve, so the athlete can perform at a very high playing speed and still protect themselves from injuries. Unquestionably the most important injury prevention is to be an alert, highly skilled player with the ability to control the forces on the field or court.  Proper use of our programs for athletes, will promote immediate long term benefits, which will be evident through improved performance, faster recovery time, reduction in injuries, and reduced healing time, should an injury occurred.

Finally the ability to propel a stationary body into rapid movement and excel maximal force, requires both; strength and power (speed strength). An athlete may be quite strong yet, lack explosive power and be incapable of sprinting a fast 40 yard or 40 meter  dash. We pride ourselves in following the principle of specificity, and never while strength coaching,  mix athletes whose sports aren’t the same .  Because speed and power training should involve movements that are similar to those in the sport.

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