Knee Injury Rehabilitation

Morristown NJ Knee Rehab And Weight Loss

A recent report published by  USA today, showed that 25% percent of all sports injuries involve the knee. Morristown NJ knee rehabilitation and weight loss, is a clinic that teaches  each patient sound nutrition and exercise methods for knee health.  The knee must go through different phases, such as bending 150 degrees front to back.  another 3 or 4 degrees side to side and must be able to rotate 60 degrees as well. All at the same time, it must be able to withstand anywhere from 100 to 2000 pounds of pressure. It must be self lubricating.

Furthermore the knee must be decidedly trained to bear the demands put upon it. If it undergoes stress on one side , it must be able to strengthen the other side, In order not to break. Lastly your knees are made to last  60, 70 and even 80 years. Make your knees last 100 years with these knee exercises!.

At Shapes  R In Fitness, we take pride of our commitment to help each patient to get back to their regular routine, whether they have completed a knee replaced surgery or are in need of a weight loss and rehabilitation system to strengthen their needs.

Your knee functions in two ways: as a joint that you stand on, that bends and twists, and as a lever that allows you, to move, run, jump and kick. The power train that drives this lever begins as the quadricep muscle in your tight, consolidates into a tendon that runs through the knee joint, and finally attaches to the shinbone, it’s called the extensor mechanism, because it allows you to extend. Without being said. Your quadriceps need to be train properly.

A programs for knee rehabilitation are cater for individuals with the following conditions:

Fitness and nutritional programs are part of the rehabilitation process. If patients need to lose weight to facilitate healing procedures, a customize weight loss program will be assign to the individual.

Check our client’s Jeff work out, who recently went through knee replaced procedure and lost 50 lbs with our system, while strengthening major joints and tendons on his hips,  legs, to increase mobility and flexibility on his new knees.

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