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Morris County NJ Best Speed And Agility Academy

By Jose Fuentes/C.S.P.S./MS/CN/CSN

We are Morris County Best Speed and Agility Academy!

For over 2 decades we have offered, Morris County sports specific programs. We have developed the most advance and scientific  strength conditioning training in NJ. Our Morris County Sports  specific programs. Have helped many  athletes developed power and speed through, strength conditioning training in NJ. Unlike most of the training centers for athletes. We also have developed a holistic sports nutritional plan for athletes. Our  Morris County Sports nutritionist, can cover anything from weight management to sports performance diet plans. Our Morris County Sports Nutritionist. Can help you attain your ideal weigh to perform at your best in any sports endeavor you are looking to excel. We cover the most competitive sports and have helped many athletes to perform at a top level in all major colleges across the U.S. We also pride ourselves in offering pediatric helped  for Morris County NJ youth sports. And handle  athletes as young as 8 years of age. Morris County NJ youth sports, parents and teams preferred our system, because we offer individualized attention or small training groups. Please check the benefits of our program:

1-Building your base

2-Develop explosive acceleration

3-Feet power and running mechanics

4-Transfering training to performance

5-Power cycles through periodization

6-Monitoring and adjust your training

7-We cover all cycles of training. IN, OFF, AND, PRESEASON training

8-State of the art Sports Specific Nutritional guidelines

9-Maximizing strength

10-Maximizing Power

11-Linear methods:

Our classic linear or periodization methods use a progressive increase in the intensity with small variation in each two to four-week microcycles. We adjust the training volume as the program increases its frequency.

12- Speed assisting training.

13-Towing plus downhill and uphill sprinting training.

14-Aerobic capacity and economy of exercise.

15-20, 40 and 90  dash testing and sprinting techniques.

16-Sports injuries. Prevention and rehabilitation.

17-Energy production. Both aerobic and anaerobic metabolism amount for performance. Our diet cycles for sports performance covers it all…And much more!!

To summarize: please don’t make the mistake that many athletes make, time and again. Personal trainers are not strength conditioning coaches. Strength conditioning coaches are not sports nutritionists and sports nutritionists are not always strength coaches. We got you cover in all areas of your training.

See what others have to say:

morris county nj football strength and conditioning
Morris County NJ Best Speed And Agility Academy


I trained with Jose while in high school and college. He understands speed performance like few coaches do. I had the blessing to played Division 2 college football at my very best shape. Without Jose I would have not achieved the high performance speed skills,  displayed at my games.

Craig K./Running back/Delval University

Morris County NJ Baseball strength and conditioning


I came with a hamstring injury when met Jose. Doctors told me I wouldn’t be able to play again, due to a tear on my right hamstring. Jose believed in me and walked me through proper rehabilitation cycles, which not only allowed me to go back in the baseball field, but made me stronger, and made me believe in myself again. I met Jose while I was in high school. I ended up playing college baseball at my best and felt great. My arm power increased, and my lower body power improved dramatically. Jose knows his game better than most coaches. GIVE HIM A CALL!

That may be the best decision you have ever taken as an athlete.

Andrew Ferrara/Midfielder/Caldwell University Baseball Team member

morris county nj lacrosse strength and conditioning
morris county nj lacrosse strength and conditioning


I was 30 lbs overweight went I came to see Jose for lacrosse. I needed to lose weight and increase speed and agility. Jose melted the weigh fast, and made me a machine in the field. I increased quickness and power in my shots. Best decision I have ever taken. I am playing competitive lacrosse at college and feel lighter and powerful in every aspect of the game. Thank you JOSE!

Krista Mitarotonda/ East stroudsburg University Athletics


Morris county NJ Soccer Strength and conditioning
Morris county NJ Soccer Strength and conditioning


My son “Gavin Scavino” is a soccer striker, and has a good chance to become a professional soccer player. I couldn’t think about a better investment of time, for his strength, power, and  overall conditioning than putting Gavin under Jose’s guidance. His vertical jump was boosted from a poor 22″ to 36″ high. His speed is unreal and he thanks me everyday for investing in him by working with Jose. If your child plays soccer, there is not better choice than Jose’s training systems. Contact him today and you will never regret.

George Scavino/Proud father/Roxbury NJ

Whether you play amateur, college, high school, or professional sports. Your athletic performance and nutritional needs, matter to us. Give us a call today!


Please also check our strength conditioning for golf systems.

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