5 Important Reasons Why Your Kids Should Learn To Swim!

5 Important Reasons Why Your Kids Should Learn To Swim!

Morris County NJ Top Swim Academy For Children!

Morris County NJ Top Swim Academy For Children!. We believe: safety, physical health, mental focus, Coordination, and emotional health, are the top reasons why you should make sure your child learns how to swim. A big mistake is not making sure your child is practicing swimming skills after learned. Many parents make this mistake, which discourage children to exercise in the water again.Morris County NJ best swim school for kids. Encourages parents and kids to not just learn how to swim but practice constantly. Take your kids to an indoor pool in the colder months to promote an active lifestyle all year around. Swimming will give your child a more effective workout that other activities. Lets discuss the 5 reasons why your kid should learn to swim.


According to kidshealth.org drowning is one of the top causes of death in children younger than 12 years old. When your child learned to swim, he will reduce the risk f an emergency, if he is expose to a situation where he is unguarded at a pool or deep ocean. They can also help other children in case they feel nervous in a pool or deep ocean, or simply going through an emergency where no one else can help them. As your child gets more experience and keeps practicing his swimming skills, he will become safer, and more confident child!.

Physical Health:

According to the journal of cardiovascular medicine. Swimming is an excellent exercise that promotes heart and lung health. Improves strength and flexibility, increases stamina and improves posture!.Furthermore, swimming can help prevent childhood obesity. Which has been linked to diabetes on children. Children also apprecciate the low impact effect on swimming since puts less strenght on joints and connective tissues.

Mental Focus:

According to the American Journal Of Neurology swimming can help those with ADHD, it can also help focus, attention and cognitive function. Swimming stimulates the brain to release neurochemicals, that will make your child feel good and relaxed.


Your child wil soon move better, become more balance, and will easily learn other land sports. Because swimming requires a great deal of coordination, your child’s motor learning skills will increase dramatically. I have the opportunity to teach children who after learning how to swim, take up on one, two or even three sports with no problems whatsoever.

Emotional Health:

Swimming also stimulates neurotransmitters that help your child stay in shape emotionally. The buoyancy of the water will induce them to stay longer in the water, feel relaxed and more rested afterwards. And as explained, swimming helps combat depression and improve brain retention. Also studies have proven, that children who swim regularly, have better relationships, listen more and become more sociable.


Now that you have learned the 5 reasons why your children should learn to swim, is up to you to take the next step. You will create a better environment for your child at home while improved their social life.

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