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Morris County NJ Best Vegan Nutritionist. Is a term no long ago a vegetarian clint of mine, used to introduce me, as I  was making a presentation on veganism. It was not long ago, when I gave a speech  to a group of people, interested in the concept. Amidst by positive and negative opinions veganism has become a buzzword for many self conscious individuals. I will redefine the concept on this page, so hopefully, my readers finally become aware of the pros and cons. On the negative we heard that  vegans don’t get enough protein for human consumption purposes, and are weak and slow. So the intent of the speech I gave, was to educate as many people as possible in the crowd, of how a vegan lifestyle can help anyone to become healthier, live longer  and stay  trimmed. The green proteins available for vegans are better than non vegan proteins since takes less time to digest and feed the cell membranes faster. Vegan proteins contain the perfect composition of essential and non essential amino acids, wherewith the proteins form their perfect structure.


Vegan choices are much better for digestion, and to proliferate enzymes that your body can absorb better,  however, some vegan diets, usually lack of enzymes and vitamin B12.. Our  vegan diet  programs and  choices are always loaded with plenty of vitamin B’s and enzymes, as well as healthy bacteria, which cn help your GI clean and healthy.  My plant based diet program, will also fight inflammation as well as water retention faster than a conventional  diet.

Plant Based Diets Can Increase Longevity

Plant based diets, when well structure will provide all the nutrients and vitamins, to live healthy active lives!.  For example, there are many tribes in the East that thrive and survive longer than most of the populations in the world, as my video belong explains. The brokpa tribe of Ladakh in India. They live in a 15000 feet altitude. The tribe staple food is barely, which  they harvest on a steep mountain side. They  also eat roti baked, in an earthen oven, as well as lettuce leaves, roasted potato,  spring onion, boiled cauliflower, and wild mint. As well as almond, apricot, and walnut. Plus other essential foods, such as fresh apricots and black tea!.The average of age expectency on this tribe is 100 years of age.

The point here is that, if you are fueled by this concept, you can increase longevity and improve health. The Brokpa live until 100 years of age. Visitors, have also marveled at the brokpa seemingly flawless skin. Which is not surprise since they consume healthy vegan foods. Packed with essential vitamins and antioxidants.

Here is what you get with this amazing system, I created called the TORNADO VEGAN DIET:

1-Plant based proteins. As mentioned above. that will build blocks of muscle quicker than any other protein sources out there.

2-Plant base fiber, that will reduce bloating stomach and inflammation quicker than any drugs out there!. If you have been dealing with muscle pain, or just feeling bloated and swelled up. These secret foods will help you override and heal quickly, so you can go back to your normal, faster than anything out there.

3-Plant based healthy bacteria foods. That will provide a sprawling ecosystem, in your GI, for food absorption and to keep healthy bacteria alive. Weight loss programs lack of this vegan foods.

4- Vegan weight loss foods. These foods will cause thermogenesis in your body faster than conventional meals. These will keep your  insulin levels in check.  Without the up rising of sugars from carbs, as well as improving your energy levels from keeping your cells full of glycogen and healthy fats, for the energy cycles that your body needs to go through, in order to create fuel to exist!.

5- Plant diet based foods, will never keep you hungry. My secret foods will keep your satiety hormone called leptin, in perfect condition, full of fulled and will send messages to your appetite brain centers to indicate you are perfectly fulled to avoid the overeating issue that most Americans experience, particularly at night time!. Many  weight loss programs don’t offer that alternative.


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