MORRIS NJ weight loss for seniors

Often after passing the 60 year old land mark, people bodies’ weight ramped up, so they inferred, the weight gain is normal, and sit down looking at their bodies growing, thinking is permanent and there is no solution to it. Many times, my senior clients think that i was their last resource for trying, and if my program didn’t work they just sit and keep putting weight on. However, nothing can be farther from the truth. debauching and complacency are the major killers on individuals after 60 years of age. morris nj weight loss for seniors. teach those who want to turnaround their health and feel great, how to make positive permanent changes!. our program will help you become fitter, pain free, slimmer and more confident.

Outsmart your metabolism

Immediately after you start our program, we teach you to outsmart your metabolism by IMPLEMENTING principals, such as: eating early a vast amount of fiber, to cultivate healthy bacteria. Stay on point with correct portion control, to suppress your appetite, and fill gaps such as WATER CONSUMPTION PRACTICES, calorie control. sodium control and, the right amount of protein in your diet. We also teach you how to stay hydrated throughout the day, limit, empty calorie FOODS that just caused you to eat more.

What to avoid

AGAIN, limit empty calories, meat consumption, sugars and salty foods. alcohol is another problem i found between people who have a weight issue. alcohol is a terrible form of carbohydrate, that will cause dehydration as well as weight increase. Therefore, everyone after 60 years of age, should avoid drinking at all costs. another reason, is your liver becomes fatty with age, and less effective at filtering junk, alcohol is a substance that will damage your organs and won’t let you feel better.

Increase weight loss exercises and a fitness routine:

Most important part of this section, is learning routines that target your metabolism fast, help you decrease sarcopenia ( a degenerative loss of skeletal muscle mass), increase muscle mass to avoid MUSCLE atrophy, promote activities that will boost endurance, and of course help your core muscles to become stronger through functional exercise drills.

What OUR program can do FOR YOU:

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