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Morris County  NJ  Exercise  For Back Pain!

In a recent story  about options no opiods for pain, , we discussed some of the  issues  caused by  pain killers and lack of movement. Low back issues, deterioration, and weak nerves in the spine, are a trending topic these days. Morris County NJ Exercise For Back Pain!. Emphasized the importance of a healthy backbone, which is the conduit that housed the spinal cord,  stalks of nerves and connects all parts of the body with the brain. Below is an explanation of why you should pay attention to your front and sides abdominal muscles.  We explained the most common injuries as well as ways of preventing further damage!.

The two main muscle groups that influenced the backbone and make it stable, are: paraspinous muscles (“near to the spine muscles which you can easily feel on either side of your backbone, when well developed, they surmount the spine like banks of a canal), and your stomach muscles, although these abdominal muscles attached to the pelvis and ribs, don’t pull directly on the backbone, they still act as guy wires. For life to be pleasant for your backbone, the paraspinous and abdominal muscles, must complement one another. Unfortunately, while the paraspinous muscles tend to be strong in everyone, kept toned and conditioned by the everyday demands of living, the same can’t  be said by the stomach muscles. As beer drinkers and sweet eaters know all too well, the stomach muscles can often become soft and weak. And when that happens, is not contest, the back muscles take over, when unopposed muscles contract, they tend to shorten the distance between the skull and pelvis, just as a drawn bowstring shortens the distance between the two ends of a bow. The result: an accentuation of the spine’s curve. You need strong stomach’s muscles to keep things in balance.

So when you are talking about prevention or treatment of back injuries, you have to be flexible and strong, but not only in the back, you must strengthen the muscles in front too. Therefore, a good abdominal strengthening program is paramount to prevent and treat back problems, than any other course of action. We at shapes r in Fitness, focused at helping individuals that experience the following issues or symptoms:

Any of these issues is an indication that your backbone is most likely compromised, the backbone must still bend, forward, backward, side to side. Therefore, the backbone must be flexible and strong. Your back bone is not simply a rigid bone but a series of twenty five blocks called vertebrate, connected by hinges called facet joints, cushioned by spaces called disks, and held upright against any strong wind by its structure of muscles and bones. The backbone is unique.!

Ant that’s not all. The backbone must perform yet another vital task: channel and protect the spinal cord in its journey from the brain to the pelvis and provide outlets for the nerves that branch off along the way, So the backbone is a conduit as well.

A lot to ask. It’s a wonder there aren’t even more back and neck injuries. Yet, for all it’s success in providing amyriad of services simultaneously, almost everything your read about the backbone suggests that is not well designed for an upright posture. For that reason the backbone works better when supported at both ends, as with most animals, as with us humans back a few years, when we too scurried round with fours. Although we readily made the jump to getting around on two legs. Our backbone did not.

Many people dread back injuries. But they are usually not terrible serious, Of the twenty five vertebrae in the backbone, the ones in the lower back, the lumbar spine, cause the most trouble, three or four times as much trouble as those in the rest of the back.

Let us help you develop a program, that will strengthen your core musculature, while helping your fitness and weight loss to improve.

Or program includes the following:

See what others have to say:

Nothing could help my low back pain, I tried PAIN KILLERS, back treatments, ergonomics, and the problems persist. Jose put together a series of exercises and therapies that allowed me to lose over 30 lbs while alleviating my pain. I come to Jose regularly 3 days a week, and I am happy to say that my pack pain is gone!. GIVE HIM A CALL, YOUR BACK WILL THANK YOU!..IT WORKS!

Maria Brau/Human resource executive/Rockaway NJ


I worked with Jose for 12 weeks and while having an excruciating back pain for years, I read about his methods, and gave it a shot. Not only lost closed to 30 lbs, but managed to strengthen all parts of my core, thanks to Jose’s therapies my back pain is gone and my weight is down. Felt terrific about myself. For those of us who have lived with pain issues all of our lives, reducing a tiny percentage of this, is a plus. Now imagine it, totally gone!. That’s exactly my experience while working with Jose Fuentes.

Jerry Campanella/Retired Law Enforcement/Denville NJ


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