NJ weight loss for addiction recovery

NJ weight loss for addiction recovery

Morris County NJ Weight Loss For Alcohol Rehabilitation And Addictions:

Kelsey came to my studio few years ago, she was 60 lbs overweight, depressed and very unhealthy. She just finished her addiction program. And was in need of a nutritionist and weight loss coach. Morris County NJ Weight Loss For Alcohol Rehabilitation and addictions. AKA Shapes R In. Is a system that allows individuals to lose weight during their rehab programs or post rehab. Kelsey just finished her recovery program, and presented common signs of alcohol damage. Such as: Blush skin from over consumption of gluten, swelling muscles from excess of sugars, short of breath from previous intoxication habits, and low self-esteem.

The exercise phase:

When we starting the exercise phase we went very slow, but the process was adamantine, and full of rewards and challenges. Here is 5 benefits Kelsey got from the exercise program:

  1. A dramatic improvement on her overall physical health. This included: strength and better cardio. The short of breath disappear in few weeks. Her stamina and endurance kicked up as well. And she started to be a more challenging client, since her overall fitness improved.
  2. Improvements in mental health. Decreased overall anxiety, improvements in depression, more mental clarity, improve memory and better concentration.
  3. Sleep dramatically improves. Kelsey found it more easily to fall asleep. Rested more through the night, and was more energized upon waking up!.
  4. She realized that alcohol tended to make personal problems more difficult. And after quitting and opting to exercise was easily to fix any challenges ahead.
  5. Kelsey started looking for activities that were alike to her new lifestyle: climbing, hiking, running, going for walks with her dogs. Etc. She stop going out to bars and with people that was part of the problem. She instead found people who make part of the solution.

The nutrition part:

Now with he help of nutrition and zero alcohol Kelsey experienced the following 5 benefits:

  1. Her cravings were reckoned and replaced for healthy snacks. Cravings from quitting alcohol were never a problem. Since a back up plan on her nutrition was built immediately, packed with healthy snacks and appetite suppressing foods.
  2. The nutritional program made Kelsey realized that she doesn’t need to be at parties with a glass of alcohol in her hand. She has been okay drinking hot tea, coffee or ice tea, and feel perfectly comfortable, exposing the cultural lie that alcohol equals to a good time.
  3. Organizing her meals in small portions made her blood sugars to become stable, and the insulin raise stopped, by eating small meals every 3 hours.
  4. Lost tons of water weight, alcohol makes people bloated, and puts excess of unwanted fluids in their body’s cells. The nutritional plan was based on diuretic foods, such as: parsley, watermelon, grapefruits and other foods to expel water of her body. That alone allowed her to lose over 20 lbs of unwanted weight.
  5. Detox her whole GI. After being over polluted with toxins, her digestive system was eager for a thorough cleansed. We went over foods such as: cilantro, celery, chayote, oatmeal and others. Which allowed her to rebuilt healthy bacteria and enzymes, important for digestion, while allowing her to lose excess of fat, by disposing unwanted metals and toxins of her GI tract.


Pledge of a total abstinence might eventually restrain you, but of course with the help of a strong rehabilitation program, nutrition and exercise combined. You can became your true self again. Please fill form below if you wished to be contacted for a totally free consultation.

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