NJ Youth Weight Loss

NJ Youth Weight Loss

Morris County NJ Best Weight Loss System For Children

Kira and Max came to me for weight loss. Kira is an eight year old girl, who was overweight and with lots of eating disorder issues. Max is a 12 year old boy who needed to lose a few pounds, and get more active. Both strong and with lots of energy. Their parents are both physicians, and indeed very busy people. The inveterate attitude in some parents when it comes to diet for their kids is usually broken by me. Kira and Max parents were ready to clean their kitchen, and entrench some new rules in the house. Morris County NJ Best Weight Loss System For Children has been a system for 20 years that its primary

The Process

Making corrections to kids in the way they approach food, is a skill. You can’t cut off the tree from the root. I started with the first set of rules such as: adding healthy snacks during the day. Increase, and teach the benefits of water consumption, adding low calorie treats in their diet, and making the work outs super fun for both of them.

The Diet

Their diet was very low in salt, low in simple carbohydrates, we cut off rice, macaroni and cheese, pasta, bread etc. Instead we incorporated, apples, grapes, vegan ice cream, light popcorn, rice cakes, protein pancakes, protein waffles, and ultimately last meals were eaten before 7 pm. Plant based meals were fast incorporated because they are much easy to digest, and usually have lots of fiber, and less sodium than package meals. Everything from: quinoa, lentils, black rice, cauliflower rice, etc.

The work out:

Understanding that these kids were not coming from an athletic background, is important to add fun fitness games. We bounce on the yoga balls, made them fight for the possession of the ball. Run in circles on an empty racquet court space I have access to and made him run to the center chair. Whoever reaches the empty chain and sits wins. Boxing, swimming and lots of other things as shown in the video.

Results, Results!!

Both kids must lost close to 40 lbs together and feel great, their confidence is up, their stamina is high, their strength increased, and there is nothing they can’t do. Their mother has participated in some of the work outs and she is ecstatic about the process and results. Now the whole family uses some of my work outs, and I am very happy, I abrogated the old habits in the family and propel new ones.


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