Options No Opiods For Pain

Options No Opiods For Pain

Morris County NJ Best Holistic  back Pain Management Treatment

5 Ways To decrease low back pain in record time!:

By Jose Fuentes/LBDCS/CPT/Blogger

Back pain in NJ  stats have increased since 2016 by 45% according to USA TODAY!. This is one of the main causes for hospitalizations in the state of New Jersey. The sad part is the numbers keep climbing. Back pain in NJ’s methods for prevention, keep moving in the same direction. Pain killers, drugs, chiropractors, physical therapy and worst of all surgery. These systems have been around for decades, without presenting real solutions. Otherwise why numbers keep climbing up?

NJ’s low back pain disorders. SYMPTOMS and problems keep escalating rapidly. And the pharmaceutical companies are the ones who are getting most of the benefits and cures. NJ’s low back disorders’ stats will only increase in years to come if a real solution isn’t found.

The opiods or drugs used, are a menace to society. Doctors in NJ, are failing you with their systems and tactics . Not only because most of the recommended drugs, and methods only worked temporarily, but also kept patients addicted to them. Lots of my clients with low back disorders, deeply bewailing their drug treatments in the past, and even therapy methods, recommended by Doctors and other “so called” back specialists.

Low back disorders solutions and cures,  have progressed little in the past years. Therefore I have been hastily assembled programs for low back disorders since 2008, when I became a ‘certified low back disorder specialist. Although attained a great success on most of my clients. I’ve bewailed not been able to help those already hooked for years in to these opiods. The body becomes addicted to these and immune to any other holistic methods. The traditional  approach on individuals, who for years have taken these drugs is insufficient, since they don’t offer other answers.

Why We need a different approach:

NJ Holistic Pain Management. is the answer, and,  most people are avoiding and preventing low back pain more than ever before in human history. Simply by learning bullet proof concepts like the ones will introduce you here. So they never have to worry about opiods, chiropractors, and recurrent  therapies that never worked.!

NJ Holistic Pain Management solution:

There is 3 main causes that start the pain process on people, as such, we will address them accordingly.

1-Bulging disks. Doctors believe that bulging disks are a great reason to start surgery, and cut their patients to resolve this. Well wrong!. They can correct this simply, by carefully applying  low back therapies, and strengthening their core musculature.

2-Sitting. That itself has become a common culture in our society. Since more jobs requires us to seat for hours. So much that it has amounted to 40% more pressure when compared to standing. Also more commute, has gave lots of stress to our low back tissues. Since the amount of time driving with bad posture tends to deteriorate our back joints!,

3-Lack of exercise. Sadly people prefer to visit someone who can temporarily relief pain through drugs or common therapies such as: steroid shots, chiropracting visits, or, other methods which will manage the problem momentarily. Without, getting rid of the chronic pain.

Laying the foundation:

Back tissues; including bone (e.g. vertebrate) cartilage (e,g, vertebral end plates) ligaments and muscle tendons. Will respond to load, either they will weaken if the load is excessive, or they will atrophy and damage discs if the load is too little. In my view, optimal load defines the stimulus or exposure that results in tissue strengthening without breakdown. Building the ultimate back follows a five stage process as my story’s title indicates. These stages will ensure a foundation for eventual strength, recovery, speed, power, elasticity and mobility in the entire spine!.

Stage 1- Groove motion patterns, motor patterns and develop appropriate corrective exercise.

a-Identify perturbed patterns together with their cause. For example: does vacuuming the floor hurts? , Does shaving causes pain?, sitting too long becomes painful?, etc.

b-Progress basic movement patterns through to complex activity specific patterns. Start by walking straight and moving your arms as you walk. This will help you minimize the pressure on your lower back, and divide loads. By using your arms, you are engaging your shoulders and other core muscles. Without relying uniquely on your hips and back!

c-Design basic balance challenges through to complex  balance specific environments. Use a bosu ‘half ball to start improving your balance. Check my speech on low back disorders on video below for more ideas. Check our patent device the Tornado blazer in my video speech below!.

2- Build whole body and joint stability

a-build stability will sparing the joints; EXERCISES like: planks, rubber band kicks, yoga bull curl ups are perfect examples of what one can do to build stability.

b-ensure sufficient stability commensurate for the demands of the tasks.

c-Stability for one joint may require, mobility at another. This is where multi-joint functional exercises can help you engage in activities where reciprocal inhibition takes place at a task. If one muscle is weak, a neighboring muscle joint will follow. Again watch video for some ideas on functional activities for stability.

3-Increase Endurance.

a-build endurance without becoming tired. Using the stairs with up right posture can help. Using your elliptical training machine with upright posture, and using handles, can be helpful. Also activities on the yoga ball that required the engagement of multiple muscles can help you build endurance in your core musculature.

4-Build strength.

a-Spare the joints while maximizing neuromuscular compartment challenge.  That’s the phase where you start challenging your body with strength trained activities on unstable devices, not just to develop strength but to challenge your neuromuscular system. This will keep your core strong, and will promote strength in other areas of your daily activities. Such as: pushing boxes. Carrying grocery bags, walking the dog, etc.

5-Finally add these foods for inflammation and to remove toxins off your spine:

a) avocados

b) pineapple

c) nopal

d) aloe vera

e) cummin

f) tummeric

g)Oregano il

h) black seed oil

i) olive oil

j) acai

k) nogi berries

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