Morris County NJ Vegan and vegetarian recipes

Hi, my name is Jose Fuentes, I am a licensed nutritionist, founder of Shapes R In LLC, and plant based nutritional expert. My wife has come to help us creating this page, sharing her knowledge in vegan/vegetarian culinary cuisine recipes. Delicious food you can cook in minutes. On your healthy days and cheating days as well. Hope this page grows, and please don’t forget to join our youtube channel.

Delicious Vegan Tacos

These guys are made of organic soy bean ground meat. Loaded with protein, and with plenty of veggies. I love to eat these on special occasions since they come with tortillas, and I try to stay away from carbs. Follow Claudia’s recipe step, by step. They are easy and delicious!

Vegan Black Rice

Black rice is the most overlook grain and under appreciate it. Loaded with phosphorus, and antioxidants, fiber and more. I even decided to write a whole story on it on my blog here NOW CHECK RECIPE BELOW


Tender, juicy, and loaded with protein these wheat meat is the best meat option for vegans and vegetarians, seitan can sub chicken or beef. You can use this recipe with mole before, Just take a look at it:

Eggs Florentine

Eggs are loaded with protein, but this Florentine eggs, are delicious and come with spinach, recipe is a bit heavy but you can take all the cream out, and just have them on a toast.

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