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By Jose Fuentes /MS/Sports Medicine Certified Specialist

With hundreds of hours on my back, attending and helping individuals on severe pain. I have found that most of the issues people face at getting re-injured, and not fully recovering, are due to the  amount of attention their therapies placed on “symptoms rather than causes”. Morristown NJ Personal Trainer Sports Injuries Expert. Is the place to come and be evaluated for areas such as: mobility, stability, range of motion, strength.

The body has the ability to heal itself, in many different ways. When the therapies are consistent and accurate, it is proven that proper movement patterns and body strengthening heal the body. I have never been myself in  the business to see the average bad back, knee, or shoulder. Most go to special clinics, or go to regular trainers who simply don’t use those muscles that are injured, in hope of keep getting a pay check from their client. Thus, I am referred the special cases at the extreme of the spectrum, from the disables to the ultimate performances, I work with the worst of the basket case.

Weight Loss in Morristown NJ  After A Sports Injury:

On the other side of the spectrum, we have a vast amount of cases of people who need to lose weight due to inactivity while recovering from sports injuries. This part is important because we not only apply the concept of tolerance and capacity on each exercise, but also help the client to achieve sound nutrition with our many different concepts of  dieting, which we apply individually to each and every person I train.

The myths of flexibility while rehabilitating from injuries:

While my studies are based on the art and science of flexibility training. I also know that some of the stretching techniques apply to some patients with back disorders are incorrect, obsolete and unnecessary. Or name a study that has shown that working to increase flexibility has increase performance. I have not been able to find one despite people claiming this is so. On the other side of the spectrum, some muscles like the shoulder and hips require long sessions of flexibility to help the recovery and healing. But every muscle in the body requires different ways to strengthen and rehab.

Shoulder Nightmare:

The shoulder is the most flexible joint in the body. Yo can rotate your arm in full circle. You can throw a baseball or football, service a tennis ball, swim freestyle. Furthermore, we can navigate this huge range of motion with power. The shoulder is able to back up its extraordinary mobility with a lot of muscle. The nightmare starts when people hurt their shoulder and discover how limited and frustrating life can be, without a properly functioning shoulder.  And not just in athletics, think about combing your hair, driving everyday, brushing your teeth–All the inconsequential daily movements we take for granted, without the freedom and strength, provided by the shoulder.

These are the sports injury specialty training  areas of recovery we focus on:

All sessions are conducted in our state of the art clinic with access to a professional heated indoor pool, for water resistance therapies.

See what others have to say:

Morristown NJ Knee Rehab And Weight Loss
Morristown NJ Knee Rehab And Weight Loss

I have  my knee replaced a year ago and I was looking for a trainer who dedicated his time to help other to lose weight and recover from injuries. I have been with Jose for a year, lost 30 lbs and Ii havent had any setbacks or issues with my knees. My core is stronger and feel fitter every week. Highly recommend Jose to anyone who is concern of pain coming back or not going away  as well as having issues with weight management.

Jeff G. /Rainbow lakes NJ

My back constantly hurt my neck stiffen up all the time. No one had the expertise to help me with my injuries, until I found Jose Fuentes, his anti-inflammatory diet is fantastic, as well as his healing exercise methods. Highly recommend to anyone who is serious about getting out of pain. Most importantly getting out of pain with someone who only uses holistic therapies. Thanks Jose!

Barbara Gothie/Denville NJ

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