"NJ Best Personal Trainer & weight loss expert Check our client Karla from Rockaway NJ, who lost over 30 lbs, raving about our 12 week system!    "

Karla C. -

"Denville New Jersey Weight Loss Expert. Jose got me in the best shape of my life in the shortest amount of time. I learned how to eat and exercise with proper form, focusing on my core, without exercises that bulk me up. Where can you go and change your body like this in 6 weeks?
Denville NJ Weight Loss Expert
Denville NJ Weight loss expert

Kristen M. -

"My Dad signed me up for skating when I was six. I play right wing. I want to make a Junior A Team. I’ m surprised at how hard you have to work. I need speed, strength and balance. I’m getting stronger. Kids aren’t knocking me over—I’m knocking them over. I’m not afraid to go in the corners. I’m surprised this happened so fast. Teammates notice that I’m bigger and quicker on the ice. Better balance through squats to stay on my feet. I’ve gotten stamina from the treadmill, balance by working on my abs.
Morris County NJ Best Personal Trainer
Morris County NJ Best Personal Trainer

Dennis Zak - Aspiring hockey player

"My son has a good chance of playing Division 1 Hockey, New Jersey Elite. He has to get bigger. Compared to other trainers, Jose is more knowledgeable with more to offer. He brings a lot to the table. He puts more into it. He cares and has concern, empathy and compassion. He asks a lot of questions and answered my questions. Jose is working on my son’s nutrition and is developing his lower midriff. He’s filled out his arms and shoulders, and gained flexibility. I look at the results—and I see them. "

Al Zak - Sales Manager

"Working out at a local gym, I have been doing a lot of cardio. But I really had no direction and wasn’t improving my endurance. My goal was to avoid surgery by losing weight, toning up and slimming muscle mass. Now my goals include my overall health and feeling good about myself. Jose shows and teaches self-worth. I can’t motivate myself the way I can with him. I’m in my prime. Now I can do 200 crunches with my legs in the air and a 10-pound weight. My own brother says, “Hey your legs are cut now!” It’s the best money you will ever spend on yourself: one-on-one time with your body …with the best return on my investment."

Terri Sylva - Auto Damage Insurance Manager

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