The fasting solution

The fasting solution

Morris County NJ intermittent fasting consultant

Fasting is one of the biggest weight loss trends to arise in recent years . Yet one of the oldest practices in human history. I have been talking about it for over 20 years, and used it on my clients ever since, it has become now a subject of a spate topic that have even propelled best selling books on fasting techniques. There is plenty of scientific research on this, and has become my preferred way to keep my weight the same, while performing at my peak. But as I always say: Everybody is different’. Nevertheless, fasting shouldn’t be dismissed as another fad as there are plenty of study cases that shown a positive effect on most people. As a Morris County NJ intermittent fasting consultant. And licensed nutritionist, I have put together many plans to help people achieve their weight loss and health goals. Let’s explore some of them:

How To Fast

On my last article on my main blog, I covered some of the techniques and benefits to do the world’s longest practice. Nonetheless, will be discussing again some of those benefits, and techniques here in more detail for those who still need help: There are different ways to go about it, since i started my practice as a licensed nutritionist and master trainer, and Morris County NJ intermittent fasting consultant, I usually advice my clients to omit either dinner or breakfast, so that they don’t ingest any food for at least 14 hours at a stretch. That makes lunch the most important meal of the day. It also reduces the time spent each day processing food and lengthens the period devoted to cleansing and restoring the body’s cells, both of which have positive health effects. I have done this technique for 5 years, and adopting it, is not as difficult as it seems. If you sleep from 11 pm to 7 am you have already fasted for 8 hours . Now you only need another 6. It’s healthy to avoid eating late in the evening to let your body burn more energy from food, rather than store it.

What to ingest in the morning if fasting?

If follow my method, try to drink tons of water, coffee and tea are fine as well, lots of people have a piece of fruit, I don’t believe on that. Fasting is about no food to me; so I just limit myself to the following: lemon water, glass of 10 oz. 3 small cups of coffee. and a small cup of ginger or blueberry tea.

Study Case 1:

The biologist Satchidananda Panda at California salt institute, showed the possibilities of this approach, in a 2002 report in a journal called: cell metabolism. He fed a group of mice high fad diet around the clock for 18 weeks. And, they developed fatty livers, pancreatic disease and diabetes. Another group was fed the exact same number of calories a day, but all during an eight hour span. Surprisingly the second group stayed slimmer and healthy for much longer. There is a logic to it: when we eat, our body releases insulin, that disrupts the process of autophagy’ from the greek meaning (self-devouring) by which cells deconstruct old damaged components in order to release energy and build new molecules.


Autophagy helps to counteract the aging of cells and builds immunity . Fasts stimulate autophagy and allow the full molecular process to take place. Fasting also contributes to brain health and happiness. the natural institute of health, has demonstrated in experiments for two decades, that nerve growth factors, contribute significantly, to brain health and positive mood.


My client Jeff came to see me at 225 lbs 5 feet 10, and with a firm goal of losing at least 55 lbs. Fasting was rapidly integrated into his diet, after going through a detox, and a water loss diet, and losing the first 20 lbs, that way. I thought it was a good time to start fasting, the proper way to do this was to start with three forms of fasting, that help Jeff to lose 35 lbs, for a total of 55 lbs net. I am very confident that this is going to help you as well as it helped Jeff, if you integrate this into your diet regimen:


Fasting (just lemon water) blueberry tea 1 cup, and few cups of coffee.


Bowl of quinoa with 2 hard boiled eggs, rainbow salad : (lettuce, tomatoes, red cabbage, broccoli) more water during the day.

Dinner Night

Tornado Green Lean Shake: Loaded with essential vitamins, minerals, green proteins and whey protein.

Fasting Option 2

Breakfast/Morning: 4 Egg white omelette 3 tornado pancakes and banana


Lemon water 8 ounces and tea 1 cup. Then water all day

This is just a sample of many variations of intermittent fasting, that you can easily apply. Send us your questions, or let us help you design a customize diet for your needs. For information please fill out forms below.

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