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Jose Fuentes. Founder of TORNADO Mix Martial Arts, has 40 years of experience in combat training, in 2019, after personal trained almost one thousand people since 2002. Master Fuentes decided to finally take his training business a step further. Therefore, started his mix martial arts school. Morris county NJ Best MMA Training Center. Was added to Jose’s training business, and is based on all Jose’s combat secret techniques. From: Kung fu northern style, Aiki-Jutsu, Israeli Ju jitsu, judo, to Brazilian jiu-jitsu. The system is a 24 week hands on course, that has lots of practical and tactical mix martial arts training. Each and every student must show respect, discipline, and humility in order to be taught. This is not a belt rank system. This is real world training. The course is ideal for police officers, military personnel, busy professionals, women, and people who want to learn economy motion and brutal executions, to finish potential attacks quickly.

What happens after the 24 weeks are completed:

At the end of the 24 weeks each student will receive a certificate of completion. Students are encouraged to continue the training since we are confident our system will evolve into a massive martial arts resource for self defense and physical fitness. Please go over the entire curriculum before calling. Tornado MMA’ is a streamlined course with the idea to prepare the student in 24 weeks, for real life scenarios. Because of this students instinctively use movements that can be easily learned and retained. The system is carried by bouts of continuous action, momentum and orchestrate brutality.


Week 1 to 4-Body’s conditioning 101. Basic stances. Deflections. Upper and lower body targets, break falls, joint locks, pressure points, throws and locks.

Week 5 to 8-Body conditioning 201. Strikes: (defensive punching, clinching traps combination) Grabs and chokes. Knife (defending front back, wall and ground attacks) Gun and stick (gun concepts, stick concepts, training drills) Ground concepts (avoidance, defense, control and escapes)

Week 9 to 12-Body Conditioning 301. Ground defense. Ground attacks (full guard, side guard, quarter guard techniques) Ground submissions and over 20 judo throws to interrupt any violent attacks.

Week 13 to 16. Intermediate Body’s conditioning 102. Combat stances. Advance Deflections. Advance strikes for Upper and lower body targets, advance break falls, joint locks, pressure points, throws and locks.

Week 17 to 20. Advance Body’s conditioning 202. Advance targeted kicks and punches. Advance take downs from standing positions. Intermediate ground submisions. Sweeps and advance chokes.

Week 20 to 24. Extreme Body’s conditioning 302. Pool drills. Under pressure water drills. Advance striking, ankle locks and advance ground work.

About The Master

When he was only 8 years old, Master ‘Jose Fuentes started to practice what’s called Northern style kung fu. He started his first dojo in Mexico city at the young age of 10 years old, backed by his dad and with over 50 students, Jose felt he had a called, and a gift to teach from a very young age. Growing up in a tough, Mexico city neighborhood with gangs, drugs and criminals. Master Fuentes’ learned to survive young in life!. His father had to travel for work constantly, with no mother behind the family, Jose’s father, afraid to leave his son alone with his grand mother in a rough Mexican barrio,, decided to quickly enrolled Jose in various martial arts styles. And then encourage him to teach his favorite art. He then decided to start with kung fu classes. Jose’s story is that of a true underdog, who came from meager beginnings to overcome insurmountable odds. He strongly believes self discipline, determination, and non quitting spirit are the keys to one’s ultimate success. Click here for Jose’s full bio.

If you want to improve your fitness drastically, learn lethal techniques to protect you and your family. Please fill out the forms and start learning the secrets of the TORNADO M.M.A. SYSTEM!

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