NJ Law Enforcement Physical fitness

NJ Law Enforcement Physical fitness

Physical fitness test for NJ police academy!

By Jose Fuentes/C.S.P.S/CN

It’s not surprising that NJ  Law Enforcement fitness  requirements, and NJ State police fitness  standards  to pass the physical exam, is getting harder each time. I have placed dozens of aspiring officers at different academies. NJ  Law Enforcement fitness, requires great preparation for test. As well as NJ State police fitness. The metrics of the tests and how to train for each obstacle is similar but not entirely the same. My knowledge in nutrition combined with training, has been created to  matched the  NJ State police fitness drills. “Tornado Fit For Duty” is a driving force. That can help anyone willing to  become fit  for NJ Police academy.

Below you will find,  the NJ  Law Enforcement fitness, training part of my program, which when done right can get anyone ready for the exam. And  become fit  for NJ Police academy. Although my training is skewed towards  two ends of the information spectrum. At one end, I am the nutritionist who mainly pay attention to every aspect of my trainees diets. And then the strength coach and trainer, who has to evaluate every aspect of the training, as well as prescribing  the proper drills for each phase of the test.Therefore, I will focus on the training aspect on this section, for the sake of this information.

Finally keep in mind: although the specific requirements and tests can vary from state to state, you need to demonstrate that you are agile and can move quickly when needed. My trainees can attest as well as our success track record that, when preparing with us, to take a physical fitness test to be a police officer, you may find it easier to pass the exam if you train with us as well as  by practicing the exercises, while improving your upper and lower body strength and cardiovascular endurance.

1-The basic principles of sports mechanics. You must understand your body and the way it fights gravity. Balance and power=explosiveness. There can not be power without balance and vice-versa. So,  NJ Police  physical test training is designed with compound uncomfortable positions, and movement. So you can swallow the rest, with no issues. These movements will increase explosive power, while help you strengthen your core. Because your body’s center, understand unilateral movements better than bilaterally.

2-OFF weights sessions. Machines can make you very slow, as well as dumbbells and bars. You must learn to deal and train with your own body weight. The fluidness of your body is key to make you FIT FOR PHYSICAL  EXAM. So I encourage movements with explosive take offs and follow through motions. Or continuum speed process, after each drill. I have been very successful, getting my trainees ready for the test by storing  muscle memory, that allows them to continue from one section to the next with no problems, getting cramps, injured or what’s worst, exhaustion   after each segment of the test.

3-Learn how to run!.

The major issues I see with trainees who don’t know how to run, is lack of coordination and connection  with lower and upper body movements. Either their upper mobility in the shoulders and arms is to stalled or they have a lack of stride cadence and length in the lower body.

Whatever the situation, my expertise in strength  and conditioning for runners will have a positive impact on the student. Lastly hip mobility and extensibility, seems another problem that needs to be adjust and fix. Proper hip strengthening exercises must be prescribed, for the student, as well as tons, and, tons of flexibility drills since the hips are a main weapon for power in our bodies!. Hip training is the main component of any program that aims in helping the runner, whether is short or long distance.

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